Question about buying a new LV bag...

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  1. When you buy your bags from an LV store, and they go the the back to get you a "fresh" one, do you ask to inspect it before they wrap it up for you? I just wondered if this is "kosher" if you know what I mean. Should I be asking to inspect it and look at the date code, make sure there are no marks on it etc before they put it in the bag and I leave with it? tia
  2. YES! inspect ALLLLLLL parts on the bag! I will even ask the SA to go fetch me ALLLL the same type of bag (once I have determined exactly which one to buy from all the choices haha), then I inspect all of them so that I get to choose the one I WANT! Unless it's the only bag left in the store... I don't think it's that demanding cuz I usually go on weekdays in the morning and the SAs really are just hanging around with nothing to do, so somebody gotta work em! haha
  3. Everytime I buy a new one they'll automatically hand it over to me so I can have a closer look. Please do ask for an inspection if they do not offer as not everything's perfect but they should.:yes:
  4. My husband bought me one for xmas and they just packed it up and handed it to him. The tab was totally sewn crooked and I ended up having to return it, definitely check first.
  5. You should definately check it first. I always prefer a "new" bag from out the back.
    When I was last in LV the Black MC Priscilla they had on display actually had a gap in the middle of one of the flowers, like it hadn't joined properly when printed.:wtf:
    Sorry now I didn't wait and point it out but they were all buzy and I was running late.
  6. DEFINITELY check! I made the mistake of not really checking the first time. It bugged me they didn't give me the box for the lock. It should have came with it. Its such a small thing but it bugs. Makes me wonder if they just gave me some old used lock they had sitting around!! Besides, I wanted to be able to store the lock in it's original box when its not attached to my bag!!

    And CONTRARY to what I previously thought.... LV bags DO have flaws so make sure you check closely. One SA even gave my aunt a epi bag with a HUGE scratch on it was at least a 1.5" deep scratch. She had made a point to ask the SA for a new one from the bag. He agreed but wrapped it up without showing her and when we got back to our hotel.... we found the scratch. It was a pain in the ass to go all the way back to exchange in 110* heat.
  7. When I bought my Koala wallet and opened it up an hour later, when I was still at Stanford shoping center thank god, I noticed a small but very prominent fingernail scratch on the interior vachetta.

    You bet I took it directly back and asked for a new one.
  8. Yes, please check before you leave. I've never had a problem with a bad bag, but I did leave and not receive my pochette that I paid 265 for. I was pissed and there was no way to prove that I didn't receive it. So now I always check my bags before I leave. More to make sure everything is there, less about the quality of the bag.
  9. OH, how horrible! I would be devastated!
  10. Oh I was. It's still an open wound, so I try not to talk about it too much. It happened almost 2 months ago.
  11. Definitely inspect your bag before you leave--even before you pay for it! You don't want to get anything that might have been a return, scratched, really old stock, or defective.
  12. Oh yes, I always look over it before I buy it. And I don't even have to ask them if I may "inspect" it - I just politely tell them "alright, I'm just going to look over it one more time". They don't mind at all. So far, in my experience, 99% of the "fresh" ones that they've brought out for me were in perfect condition.
  13. Yes--I agree with everyone else--you have the right to check every single detail since you will be forking over lots of $$ for it!
    When I bought my 1st LV on Tuesday the SA closely examined a couple bags before letting me purchase one. He was great! It was at the Macy's LV in Herald Square New York City. Honestly, all SAs should do the same.
  14. my question is regarding the Datecode...
    Does every LV bag have a Datecode?
    If so, where is it?
    Is it rude to ask to see the datecode and ask where a bag is made?
  15. I always ask to look at it "just to make sure".