Question about burning calories

  1. Does the amount of fat calories/ calories burned translate to calculate the amount of weight lost?
    I'm confusing myself...but so...I weigh a x number of pounds, plus I consume x number of calories...then I go work out and burn x number of calories and x number of fat calories. Am I able to calculate how much weight I should be losing? or postulate the approximate number of pounds on average per week?:push:
  2. Interesting question. I've never thought about it that way. Healthy weight loss is anywhere from .5 to 2 pounds per week. Maybe 3 lbs. at the most. The formula is that one pound of weight gained or lost is equivalent to 3500 calories. You must create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound. Not only would you have to focus on how many calories you're eating per day, but also calculate what you're burning during exercise and what your body burns on a daily basis, just by being alive and functioning. That would be sort of difficult to calculate precisely. Instead, I would focus on staying within the 1-2 pound per week average, if weight loss is your goal :smile:

    HTH! ;)
  3. lol! Thanks Cristina!! it does help...I was wondering about how long it would take me to lose weight, but I guess there's really no telling!! I'm getting ahead of myself!
  4. It would be so difficult to calculate down to a "T" that you would just frustrate yourself LOL :p When I was losing, I lost anywhere from .5 lbs a week, to 2 lbs at the most. Some weeks I didn't lose anything, even if I did exactly what I was doing the week before. It took me about 6 months to lose 25 lbs. It came off quickly at first, but I kept hitting plateaus and had to modify my eating or workout routine to kickstart my body into weight loss mode again ;)

    Good luck!
  5. Hi! I might be able to help - I do nutrition and obesity research. The answer to your question is quite complicated actually, but if I had to give a simple answer I'd say yes, roughly the balance of calories (calories in = food to calories out = exercise) will equal the amount of weight loss. What makes it more complicated is your body composition. First, if you are heavier, let's say 200lbs, it will take more energy to just move your body around and thus you will burn more calories just being you. So if you start to lose weight, there will be less of you to move around and you will burn less calories. Something related depends on how much of your body is fat and how much of your body is muscle. If you have more muscle you will burn more calories since the muscle needs to refuel itself whereas let's say that fat refuels itself less. Second, as you start to lose weight, certain parts of your metabolism start to slow down just a bit (some people say the "energy conservation" is huge, but it really isn't) so your body is kind of trying to save calories. This shouldn't affect you drastically unless you severely cut your calories so your body needs to save all it can get. Over time the body can find its own equilibrium, which is part of the reason why people say you should lose weight slowly. Finally, you need to watch the BALANCE, so if you cut out a lot of food and then you're so tired you don't move that would be bad OR if you go to the gym and then eat tons of more calories b/c you're so hungry that would be bad (but not as bad as the first scenario!)

    So, simple answer: yes. Complicated answer: sort of!

    Hope that helps!:smile:
  6. Thanks you guys! I'm trying to get healthier and also lose those 11 pounds, but I'm really going to try and change my lifestyle a bit.
    I'm not a heavy person, but i also have no I guess those calories will be burned slower for me.
    I haven't really tried yet to cut any calories per se. I'm trying to begin eating healthier, and less at night.
    This weekend I'm going to buy some protein powder, so that should help, right right right?:nuts: heheh
  7. I can attest to this personally. At 360 pounds, I was rather limited in my mobility. On my first month of FoodMover, I lost 20 pounds even though I could only exercise maybe 5 minutes a day. Now at 189, I lose an average of 7-9 pounds a month, and I really have to move around to lose it.
  8. distrace_me said it pretty well.

    Make sure you gain muscle. Do strength training which burns a lot of calories and for a much longer time span. You continue to burn calories long after you have left the gym. Using weights is a GOOD THING!!!!! Much better than say cardio alone. I am at the gym most of the time doing a lot of weights with about 1/2 - 45 minutes of intense interval cardio. Good luck !!!!
  9. haha I know! I need to get to the gym when nobody is there to figure out the weight machines and not look like a dumb dumb! I actually enjoy lifting weights, but the machines in my little gym are limited, I could work out my arms, chest, back, but not my legs.
  10. The one thing I can offer for sure, don't get so focused on weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you're adding muscle, you won't necessarily see a weight loss. Instead, focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit.

    Also, muscle does burn more calories, but not THAT much more. If you're limited on time, I'd focus more on cardio. Also, it really depends on what kind of cardio you're doing. A 30 minute jog will burn less calories than a 15 minute high intensity interval training session. The latter will cause your heart rate to be slightly raised for longer periods of time, therefore causing your body to burn more calories long after you stop working out. The former will only burn calories during the workout. However, HIIT does burn more muscle as opposed to cardio at a low hear rate. It's always a give and take somehow ;)
  11. Do your callanetics! You'll tone and build muscle. :smile: And it's aimed at long lean muscle rather than bulking. Unless you want to bulk up?
  12. Amina, I know! I need to look into that more! Charles, I'm gonna research this HIIT thing in a minute.

    I have another question... Is the amount of calories you burn directly proportional to the amount of calories you take in? for example... I burned approximately 280-290 calories tonight. I looked at my poppyseed dressing for my salad and if I remember it had 260 calories per serving. and that's just the dressing! there was more to the meal. So does that mean, aside from the calories I will now burn at rest, that from the dressing alone I broke even??! lol

    Thanks for all the answers girls!
  13. Unfortunately...yes:push:
    That's why people working out to lose weight often find it helpful to oderate their food intake by imagining, say the 2-hour run it would take to burn off a big Mac!
    Do you have classes at the gym? Those are specifically geared towards safe moves and maximum efficiency.
    Also, there's a program called Dietpower which allows you to input your food and exercise and it calculates your nutrients and calories "allowed" to help achieve your goal weight. My friend lost 40 pounds on it and she could still eat anything she wanted (albeit in moderatin or smaller quantities)...
  14. Phew* alright that sucks! lol all that work for two tablespoons of dressing!
    I shall look into this Dietpower... also the sad thing is, working out makes me hungrier during the day.
  15. Have you looked into getting a personal trainer? They can help you with a workout that will get you to your goals fast but in a healthy way.