Question about Burberry Wallet

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  1. I have the small version of this wallet in nickel not black and used it for a month until I got my Louis wallet. It's very nice.
    I haven't used mine for months like your asking about but so far mine still looks brand new.

    One thing I did notice was that the metallic outline gets scratched if pressed with nails or keys . Also the buckle can peel there is a coating on it so no sharp things near the metal either (keys etc).

    It's such a fun wallet, easy to get into the slots, not too tight. You will love it.

    I wanted the larger version because it looks like a clutch in real life, but the only large one in the store had a TINY hole where they attached the tag to the wallet so she wouldn't sell it to me. They send those to London she said...I was impressed with the quality control in that store.
  2. thanks so much for your advice! hmm...i guess i'll take a look at the wallet irl, wasn't too sure about that metal ring but in general sounds like a great wallet minus the leather trim cracking that i've seen happen :smile:

    haha...i don't think i've even seen a store like that! they usually end up giving me a 10% discount!
  3. I have that wallet, but the older one with out the buckle. Same pattern, but flap just rests on the wallet. I have had it for 2 years I think, and no problems at all. Sometimes I stuff my wallet with alot of crap, like receipts/gift cards etc and there have been no tears or problems (knock on wood).
  4. Hi heartheart! Here's a photo of my wallet cracks after heavy use (~8-12 months):

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  5. here are pictures of my cracks on my wallet. sorry for the bad quality. i took them with the camera on my phone.

    basically, it's supposed to be a light brown leather all along the edges. it's the two white spots and the black spots along the edges. you can see the cracks better on in the first two pictures. the corners of the wallet are also cracking.

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