Question about Brown Outdoor Ligne Flap bag--

  1. My SA has one on hold for me to look at. I decided I had to have a brown bag, too, then I would stop (my navy jumbo patent should be in today)! :yes: But, she said the leather is distressed. Can anyone tell me how theirs holds up and how distressed is distressed?? I don't even know which type of leather it is. I love the rich brown color and she said it is a really comfortable bag, but any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. that leather is really cool *if* you don't have a compulsive need for perfection.
    That leather is meant to distress w/wear, it will show little scratches, but its completely designed to do so.
    It's a really cool leather, but if you like the consistency of caviar, then it could bother you.
  3. Believe it or not I had 3 at one time and then narrowed it down to just one: large navy hobo/messenger. I also had the small red hobo/messenger and red tote. I use the large navy as my everyday workhorse bag and I love it!! I love that it doesn't scream Chanel and I love that I can (now don't be shocked) throw it around in my car. I have 2 boys and am constantly running around to school, soccer, tennis, swim team, whatever. This leather can take it!!

    I really appreciate Swanky's comments because IMO the Outdoor Ligne does not get the recognition as being a desirable bag but it is so wearable. Roey has the Outdoor Ligne tote and agrees with me on wear and durability.

    As for scratching, here is the best way that I can explain it. Yes, if you run your fingernail across it is will show a mark. But, take a rag with leather cleaner/conditioner and it is gone. I have a few Ralph Lauren leather chairs that are exactly the same. I'm not sure how the leather does it but it goes right back to looking brand, spanking new.

    Personally I think this wears better than my Large Modern Chain Tote.

    I am really rushed right now so I can't snap any pics. I will try tomorrow if you like. I can do a close up of the leather, then scratch, then polish. I think somebody here has a brown Outdoor Ligne. Check the Chanel Reference subforum and you can get an idea of the color. I've never seen brown IRL.

    Let me know! Here's a pic of the blue when I first got her:

  4. Kouki posted a Brown Outdoor Ligne flap in the reference thread. You can see a scratch in the leather. If you rub it a little or use cleaner it is gone. Trust me. Color looks rich and beautiful in the photo.
  5. Thanks so much! I actually really like the bag for the same reasons you just mentioned--it doesn't scream Chanel and because I want to be able to "throw it around" ( I have one little boy and a little girl due in June). I have a coco cabas and I kind of treat it that way. Thanks again and I am truly in love with your python bag. There is a tote of the same skin at my Saks that I absolutely covet. I debated whether I should have saved the $$$ on the 4 Chanel bags I have to put all toward it, and if it fit better over my shoulder, I might have thought it was the better route. It is just soooo gorgeous!
  6. then this may be a perfect ligne for you!
    I'd LOVE one!

    The Grand Shopping Tote that was out for F/W is made from this same diressed calf. . . it's really a cool finish IMO:yes:
  7. Jill has a wallet in this1 and I think the color and texture is beautiful.
  8. :blush: Gee, thanks! :blush:(I love her too!) I have two kinds of bags: throw around and delicate. No inbetween here in the real world life of kids!

    Ditto!! If that tote ever goes on sale (and I have seen Chanel skins on sale) I am all so all over that tote. Of course, I think I would have to be faster than Swanky!

  9. I love my brown Outdoor tote. It is a dark brown, and I mention this because I have seen two brown shades in the Outdoor ligne: the dark brown, and a warmer rusty brown. The flap in the reference thread is the rusty brown. Both are nice; I simply felt the dark brown looked nicer in the tote style.

    As Sherry (Maxter) stated, the leather is thick and hardy. Mine doesn't really scratch much when in use but any superficial marks that do occur rub right out with some leather conditioner or even a baby wipe. I agree with Sherry that the Outdoor ligne is underrated. It's beautiful, and the antiqued hardware is so pretty.
  10. Brown? Brown? There are two shades of Brown?

    Wallet? Wallet? Outdoor Ligne has a wallet?

    I am now officially obsessed with this thread. Brown Outdoor Ligne was all I could think about at dinner tonight when we went out. If I feel the same way tomorrow I am calling to see if there is any more brown left anywhere.

    I'll keep you posted!

    Heading to the reference forum now...... Where's that wallet??!!
  11. LOL Sherry! The brown is seriously TDF in this ligne - very deep and rich.
  12. Good morning! I had to go back to look, too, and I think the one I have on reserve is the deep brown. I'll let you girls know! I think you two (roey and maxter) have helped me decide for sure to get her!!
  13. Hi, im so excited that someone is mentioning the outdoor flap! I have a brown one and it really really wears well, i love that fact that its has got the antiquey feel to it and it has character as well. some scratches here and there and it shows personality. THis is the reason i fell in love with chanel! And i actually have not wipe it at all since i bought it in Nov! the colour is really rich and it does not scream CHANEL!! i totally love it!
    Brown Outdoor flap.JPG
  14. You girls! I am getting really excited about picking this baby up on Saturday!
  15. We expect to see pics of you rocking it!! It's a great bag. I wish I could afford the flap as it has more of a classic, hip vibe than the tote. I love both though!