Question about brown box calf...

  1. This should be an easy one for the residential experts. Of the following 3 colors, which is the darkest (in box): Chocolate, Havanne or Maroon Fonce? I tried to check the leather book at my local boutique but someone seems to have eaten all the "chocolates"... at least in this section. Thanks!
  2. I am not sure about marron fonce. But Havanne is definitely darker than chocolate~~
  3. HL, Marron Foncé is the darkest (litterally the name means dark brown) I've only seen it in pics, but it looks absolutely devine! SpecialistParis had bought a Plume briefcase in this color in Box and she posted pics...Check it out in one of her threads (there aren't many) it was some time ago, I did some serious drooling over that bag!!!LOL!
  4. I think you have your answers!

    Funny, I thought the boutiques near me were the only ones that had missing swatches.

    Please share if you are able to purchase or order any dark browns other than chocolate. It seems like when I was after chocolate box I as asking for the impossible. It was able to be ordered if I chose, but that was the only color at the time. So, this would be interesting to know.
  5. ^^^My store has missing swatches as well. However, I do know where they hide them.;)
  6. I agree with Duna. Marron Foncé is a gorgeous color especially in box. The linen thread stitching H uses for this combination is beautiful as well and compliments the box very well. I personally prefer this color to black for its versatility as a dark neutral. If you need to condition the leather, John Lobb sells a leather cream/polish in MF that smells divine. It goes well with white metal or yellow gold. It actually makes yellow gold appear a bit like rose gold.