Question about Boutiques

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to TPF and this is my first post! I've enjoyed reading through the forums and all the valuable information that are within these pages.

    So this might be silly question but I thought I should ask dear hubby is taking me to Paris in three weeks :yahoo:! This will be my first time there and I will be purchasing my first Chanel (hopefully it will be more then one). I'm thinking of the classic 2.55 to start and I've seen the wide range of colours that various ladies have posted (gorgeous).

    The question is, will the available colours be shown at the boutique or do I have to ask for a specific colour when I speak with the SAs? I guess this also depends on the size of the store right? Any tips/hints about buying Chanel in Paris? I will be going to the rue Cambon store.

  2. Not every colour will be shown but if you ask the SAs what colours they have, or better still, ask them to recommend a colour or a size for you, then usually they will take out the bags for you to try on.

    My favourite Chanel boutique in Paris is the one that only sells shoes and bags (but I also like rue Cambon). I cannot remember exactly where it is but quite close to the rue Cambon store. My second favourite Chanel places are the one at Galaerie Lafeyatte and Printemps. But they are usually quite crowded.

    One of the things you have to remember when you enter a boutique in Paris (any boutique/store) is to greet the SAs there. It's a culture thing. Also one SA will usually only serve one customer at a time so wait for your turn. Many times I see tourists getting very annoyed because of this but remember this is also a culture thing. Just alert the SA that you would like some help and when your turn comes up, you would get great service. Whilst you are waiting, you can check out their other stuff. Hey, they might even get you a cup of coffee!! My sister and I were offered coffee when we were there two years ago! We got fab service (rue Cambon store). :nuts:
  3. Thats very true about the culture thing, I like it though, politeness from both sides from the very start
  4. Thanks very much for the tips and info!