Question about Boutique shopping

  1. So many of you say when you go to the store you pick out the perfect bag, does the SA just show you as many as you want out of the dustbags until you decide? I went last night and told them I wanted the BH, he got one out of the drawer that was in a DustBag and boxed it up! I didn't think anything of it, should I have been more picky?
  2. At first I was never picky...but now I scrutinize the bag looking for any flaws. Don't worry about doing something like that...they are there to work for you!!!!!!!
  3. The only time I went to the boutique, the bags I were considering were the only ones they had in the store (there was ONE pom d'Amour brentwood, ONE pom d'Amour roxanne) so I am not quite sure if there was more than one, how to go about asking to see the other bags. I will be watching this thread so see what the experts weigh in with! Great question for us boutique newbies!!
  4. you may have wanted to be more picky, but assuming you like the bag you have now, then its all good. :smile:
  5. Make sure you state that you want to look at the bag. that way you can inspect it and if it's perfect, tell your SA that you will take THAT one. Some SA's don't seem very courteous in letting you check out a bag. Every boutique I've been to the sa's take the bag out of the dust bag and hand it to me to look at. I would never buy a bag I didn't even get to look at. Just remember for next time. If the bag you bought is perfect, don't worry about it.
  6. I am not picky, but that's just me...I look over the bag for any obviuos flaws...but that's it.
  7. My SA knows how picky I am and always shows me several of the same item for me to choose from.... I'm picky with everything I buy whether it's LV or other stuff (clothes, shoes, etc.). That's why I don't buy online that often because I want to be able to see the merchandise first...
  8. How many times do you have to put a bag back for flaws? I mean such as what percent would you say?
  9. I never even thought about it! I tried it on and said great I will take a BH lol then he wrapped it up, I don't think he would have cared, he was very nice. Ill check it out real good, anything in particular I should look for on the BH?
  10. Well, I don't have the BH, but on the sides where the seems are I would look to see that the clovers and lv's line up fairly well. Check the vachetta to make sure it looks clean and new all around. One piece of advice--Make sure you adjust the vachetta straps on the sides where you want to keep them. On my ph and my large bucket I decided months after I bought them that I wanted the straps longer. When I went to adjust them the part that was covered by the buckle was very pale vachetta and the rest had patina'd already. Now I have to get them all evened out. It's not a real big deal, but it does look a llittle funny right now. Your bh should be near perfect because it is "supposed" to go through a quality check there in the store. But human error lets some things slip through. I have 10 bags and 2 of them had flaws. So 20% of my lv bags have had to be exchanged. On my damier speedy there was a bubble in the leather on the handle and on my black mc trouville there was an actual cut in the vachetta trim.
  11. WOW I would die, I have to go inspect mine!
  12. What do you say if, after looking at one, want to look at another?
  13. usually I say that once you make the purchase, then any fault/flaw should not be considered to be the boutique's since it's our responsibility to check them out at the boutique in the first place prior to paying. So after the purchase, people should not be fussy/picky anymore. HOWEVER, in your case, I strongly recommend you to be PICKY lol because you're the customer and you should not be intimidated in asking to see/compare more bags or ask questions (but....keep the pickiness moderate lol....don't spend like 3 hours there asking for stuff and in the end not buying anything, cuz I know some people will do that which is....kinda inconsiderate if you ask me). So ya.... next time, make sure that you look at the bag, check its symmetry/alignment, handles, scratches on hardware, and compare with 2-3 other bags of the same model cuz not all LV bags are made to perfection! have fun shopping next time:biggrin:
  14. lol you're so cute!:p just say THAT! "I'd like to see another one or two bags to compare, please" (unless they only have one if the bag's "okay" just take it (well, i would), if it's really bad in shape but youre DESPERATE....then you can still get it if you want lol, otherwise just leave your name+phone # and ask them to ring you up as soon as they get new inventory)
  15. I am the same way!! :drinks: At first, I assumed that you pay so much that the items are bound to be perfect. Not true. There are many things to check for and the % of flawed ones (no matter how minor) vary from item to item. For example, the cles, there is not much to check for. The Speedy on the other hand, has A LOT to check for. I'm not even going to go into how many I asked to see before I found one that passed. :sweatdrop:

    All SA are different. At LV especially, there is a wide range of customer service you can recieve. I guess management doesn't regulate it very well. Some SA are wonderful -they are happy, patient, nice enough to let you see as many as you please. Others will show you. But believe me, there are some that will give you a lot of attitude, pressure you to hurry, try to intimidate you, and basically just give you the snottiest treatment you have ever experienced if you only ask to see two of the same thing. I've experienced it first hand with my very first LV purchase and it was not a fun experience. If it were me now, I would just walk away and buy it from a much more reasonable SA. You are not obligated to buy from anyone, much less a very snotty SA that gives you a hard time for something so minor. It doesn't take much work or customer service at all to open a drawer, grab a bag, and place it on the counter.

    How to ask: "I like this style. Can you bring out a few new ones for me to choose from?" If those are flawed say something along the lines of "I'm sorry, but may I ask you to bring a few more out?"

    Important things to check for:
    -alignment: make sure the fleurs and other symbols match up; make sure the material is smooth where they are sewn together and not bent.
    - bubbles: make sure canvas is sewn so that the bag stands well and does not have canvas that bubbles up a bit (this sort of looks like a fold) the entire piece of canvas should be uniform in terms of how much it sticks out. I hope this makes sense, its a bit hard to describe. My cousin bought my aunt a hudson and he did not check it well and her bag has this flaw. She noticed it right away but LV is 3 hours from her.
    - air bubbles on MC items: you need to look closely for this.
    - vachetta: not patinaed and is not dirty, scratched.
    - glaze: must fully cover vachetta (I recieved a bag where the glaze didnt fully cover the leather edges and it began to split from that)
    - bumps: for example the speedy. there is an inevitable bump by the zipper from the pocket inside (though IMO with good seamstress work that should not be there) all speedys will have this bump but it is best to choose one with the smallest bump (and yes the bump size varies). the reason for this? If you keep your bags for a few years no big deal but if you plan to keep it FOREVER like me then a smaller less steep bump is best as overtime that spot is most suceptible to cracking. Yes, i've seen it happen.