Question about boutique return

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  1. I know the boutiques only give two weeks to make a return unless it is an exchange...but what if you bought an item out of state and have to mail the return? If it is shipped (but not received) within the two weeks can it still be returned? Need to know because my friend is going to be visiting a place with an LV later this month...don't want to ask her to pick something up if I can't return it if it doesn't work out. :wtf:

  2. You should probably just call directly to an LV store and ask your question. All of the store phone numbers are on the website.
  3. You are better off just ordering it direct from LV yourself and having LV ship it to you if you are not near a LV leased counter or free-standing boutique. If you have a friend get it then her name will be on the receipt and .......... just add another issue if you need to return the item. My understanding is that LV would need it in their possession within 14 days unless other arrangements are made with LV ahead of time.