Question about Boutique Receipt

  1. Hi all,

    Yesterday I was lucky to have a department store locate a chocolate sig ergo hobo for me. Well, as soon as I mentioned it to my mom, she said that she wanted one too! She was lucky b/c a boutique SA that I spoke to yesterday called me today to say that she had located one at another store. I was in the area and stopped by the boutique to pay for that bag for my mom and have it shipped. Now I noticed on the receipt it says "missed promo pricing." I bought the bag for $188 which is consistent with the price on the website for the sig ergo tote (brown is no longer available though). When talking with the SA, I mentioned that the bag is such a deal since the prices were reduced. Did she give me some sort of discount? I'm confused about what "missed promo pricing" means. :shrugs:

    Any ideas?
  2. I am not sure but that is perhaps related to the reduced pricing as you said. I think the prices on some bags went back up so perhaps she was honoring the online price?

    What did the tag say?
  3. Unfortunately I don't have the bag yet and it's being shipped. I wonder if they were out of the brown sig when the price reduction occurred. Only the black sig is available on the website and that's at $188. The "missed promo pricing" is in capital letters on the receipt, so I'm sure it means something!
  4. hmmm.. maybe the price is about to go back up and they wanted them to know that you ordered it before it did?
  5. bump....anyone?
  6. If she did give you a discount, it is likely the register demands some sort of code be entered and that is the one she used. I don't work at Coach, but I worked retail for several years in college and many registers won't allow a discounted price without a code, and every code reads something different.

    Although if the price was the same as was listed on the website, I can't imagine it wouldn't be set that way in the system.
  7. I am not sure either but I like the others have said would think maybe the price has gone up or is higher and as a courtesy she put that in so it is the price it is.
  8. I guess I'll see what the pricetag says when the bag arrives and will let everyone know.