Question about Bottega Veneta

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I've never owned a Bottega Veneta, but I really want treat myself to one for having gotten a new job!
    Anyway, I was wondering if they are as heavy to carry as Koobas or if they are lightweight.
    I often take the train to and from work, and therefore it's important that the bag is light as I'll be lugging it around quite a bit!
  2. Crystal, Bottega woven bags are extremely light weight. I mostly own BV and Balenciaga because I don't like to carry heavy bags.
    A Bottega bag will be a lovely gift to yourself for getting a new job.
  3. Agreed, VERY lightweight! That's a wonderful gift to give yourself. Congratulations!
  4. Congratulations on the new job! The woven bags are very lightweight, as everyone here has said, and quite comfortable to carry all day. What a great way to mark your achievement!
  5. One of the best features of BV bags is their comfort and lightness. One reason is they don't have a lot of hardware and extra crap attached, just supersoft woven leather and a thin suede lining.
  6. Def a light weight bag with super smooshy soft leather! :yes:

    Congrats with your new job, and welcome to the BV sub, crystal!
  7. BV is one of the lightest *leather* luxury designer bags around! Especially the Veneta style. Congrats on your new job and treat yourself to a trip to a BV store and try them out! :smile:
  8. Welcome to the BV subforum, for a everyday bag for work, I suggest you go for the darker colors like nero, ebano and even noce...
  9. Hi and welcome, Crystalina! Congrats on your new job. One of the best things about Bottega Veneta is that the bags are much lighter than they look, especially the ones woven from nappa leather. They are strong, hold a lot, depending on size of course, but are very lightweight. Even the Cervo (deerskin) is fairly lightweight and an extremely sturdy leather and also very smooshy.

    If you like shoulder bags, BV stays on the shoulder very well and is quite comfortable. You will be pleasantly surprised when you try one on.