Question about Botkier's on Gilt. Please help.

  1. Another thread mentioned the Gilt Botkiers are not lambskin....
    The description says 'leather'. Will I be disappointed? I love lambskin! I didn't realize they did some designs in both lamb and leather.

    Thanks so much!
  2. It will depend on the style and color, not on whether you buy your bag on Gilt or not. Some Botkier styles in certain colors are lamb, and some are not. For example, I have a lambskin Bianca, but the style also came in nylon, etc. The Crosby hobo I have is distressed goat leather, I believe. What bag and color did you have in mind?
  3. I'm considering the MEdium Sasha in black! Any thoughts?? THANK YOU!
  4. Do all Botkiers have the dark interior lining? It looks like the Black Sasha has black lining. I so wish it were lighter to find things more easily....
  5. ^ The colour of the lining depends on the colour of the bag. The darker coloured leathers tend to come with black lining (so black comes with black lining, of course), whilst the lighter coloured leathers can come with beige/natural lining (e.g. purple, cocoa, to name a couple). I think Monica addressed this in the Botkier vs RM thread, she had a bunch of posts on page 2 or something, IIRC!

    As for the leather of the black Sasha, I think it should be cowhide. The Botkier page for the medium Sasha lists the black leather as black cowhide (see the colour dropdown menu). greenpixie's right, not all Botkier bags are lambskin. Even for a new style, different colours/leathers may be either lambskin or cowhide (e.g. the James line has both cowhide and lambskin). Their cowhide is still amazingly soft, though! I have a James hobo and a Trigger, both in cowhide.
  6. Thanks Starkfan! I'm feeling like I should buy the Sasha from Gilt just because it's a good deal..... But I do love the James style - I think you said you have the James hobo, right? What color?
    So the other part of me is thinking I should wait until I have the exact color/style I want. Argh..... decisions. I do love the Sasha though - just wish they had it in lambskin or even patent in black.
  7. Yup, I have the James Hobo in Deep Purple. The Deep Purple leather (also the same one as the Large Sasha at the Gilt sale) is a cowhide.

    Hmm, I think you need to look at whether the Sasha at Gilt is a sufficiently good substitute for a lambskin Sasha or a black patent Sasha. It's definitely a really good deal, but if your preference for lambskin or black patent is really strong, then the black cowhide Sasha may not be a sufficiently good substitute. OTOH, if you think that the black cowhide is something that you could still love as well, it might be worth going for it! ;)

    BTW, I'm not 100% sure, but the Gilt description for the black Sasha states that it has patent trim (i.e. the vertical "belts" on the front and back of the bag, and the handles and shoulder strap). The pics don't seem to show it too clearly, but the trim parts might be darker/shinier than the rest of the leather? If the trim is indeed patent, that might help! ;)
  8. Starkfan, I was confused by that too. I was excited and ready to buy the Sasha med. duffel, but then I read the description that does not seem to match the picture. I didn't want to spend that money and then be disappointed so I'm holding off till I hear clarification from Gilt.
  9. Thanks to all of you for this. I was having the same questions. I bought a Trigger at Nordstrom that is lamb leather, and I love the softness and lightness of it. I remember the Triggers of old that were much heavier. Then I saw some on sale at Revolve, and they were listed as leather. Now I understand.
  10. Hi citygirl, so did you hear from Gilt? was it a patent bag? I didn't buy in the beginning cuz of the patent thing, but then I still bought it later...still don't know if it's a duffle with patent trim, handles and strap....
  11. Co worker had James today with her and I felt it-not as soft as my purple Sacha that I got today
    Maybe different colors have different grades of softness?
  12. Just in case if this might help, I got large Sacha in purple and it is amazingly soft-might be lambskin?
  13. Really? Which colour did your co-worker have? I've felt up a Black James Tote in a store, and it felt about as soft as my Deep Purple James Hobo, IIRC. (At least, I don't recall it being significantly stiffer.) It is possible for different colours to have differing softness, though, even if they're still the same type of leather (i.e. cowhide, lambskin, etc).

    BTW, the Deep Purple leather is definitely cowhide. lists the type of leather used for each colour on any bag's product description page (in the dropdown menu), which is a very useful reference! :smile:
  14. Her James was pink, with a hint of lilac in it, surface was a little bit on a glossy side I think
    I would no say it was very soft, perhaps because it was new, she had it for the first time at least at work
    nice bag,
  15. Ooh, Dusty Rose! :drool: Hmm, that's a cowhide too, but it's possible that it's just slightly stiffer than the Deep Purple leather by nature. (It usually has to do with the tanning/dyeing process, I think, plus any slight glazing usually makes a leather stiffer too.) It should soften up with time as it breaks in too, I guess.