Question about Botkier Sasha

  1. I saw this bag on eBay and was intrigued by the color, but I don't know much about Botkier (including how to pronounce it!) I was wondering first of all if it appears to be authentic, but then if so, what bag is this exactly? I don't see a "Sasha Duffle" on Botkier's website. I was thinking this was the convertible hobo/duffle, but there don't appear to be shoulder straps, so I think it is a different style.
  2. There are a number of Sashas. I think the Sasha Satchel is a product from a previous collection. I see the Duffle on the current site, but not the Satchel. However, if you google Sasha and Satchel you will find some.
  3. Do you think the satchel could be worn over the shoulder? Or is it definitely a handbag only?
  4. The satchel is from last fall. The color on the eBay one is called glass. It looks authentic to me. It's a gorgeous color! I have the satchel in pudding and the strap drop is a little over 6 inches. It fits comfortably over my shoulder but not back behind my shoulder/back, if you know what I mean. It looks cute on the forearm or hand, too (not too big). I also have the sasha duffle, and personally like the size of the satchel better. Hope that helps!
  5. Thank you - that's very helpful! I have been eyeing the duffle, but it seems so big. Thanks for explaining the difference.