Question about booking hotels in Paris?

  1. Hi everyone,

    My mom and I are contemplating visiting Paris in January, and we're pretty unfamiliar with the whole hotel booking process. We have found some lovely hotels on that meet our budget and our star rating - but we're confused about something. In the states, the rate that we paid for a hotel would be based on double occupancy (meaning 2 people in the room). But in Germany, things are done per person - so if you have 2 people in the room, you pay nearly twice the nightly rate.

    Is this the same for Paris hotels? We would book on or (not .de!) and it always asks how many adults per room and we always put 2. Does this mean that the price that is being displayed is the price based on double occupancy? We just don't want to end up being stuck having to pay double the price just because Expedia or wasn't clear :smile:
  2. Try You can get 4 or 5 star hotels for much less than can choose your area and star level (from one to 5 stars) and choose your price (they will tell you if it is accepted or not and which hotel it don't get to choose your exact hotel but by adjusting the area and the number of stars you can narrow it down to a few probably hotels)) My bf and i did this in the states and stayed at some awesome hotels for 50% less than retail (in some case 75%) ...the one thing is....once you've stayed at a four star, you want to keep staying at 4 or 5 stars!
  3. I travel to Paris frequently and I recommend you book directly with your hotel in Paris. Many have websites. If you need any help, PM me, as I know a lot about the city.
  4. Here's a cut/paste of something I posted in another thread a while back. It might be helpful to you. I gotta run out but figured I'd post them now.

    Good luck.


    There are many great hotels for less money. Here are some good links for you to try:

    HÔTEL À La VILLA des ARTISTES 9 rue de la Grande Chaumière, 75006,


    HÔTEL LOUVRE PIÉMONT 22 Rue de Richelieu, 75001,

    Of the three, the Hôtel Louvre Piemont (formerly Hotel du Piémont), will have the most convenient location for strolling/walking to more sites and attractions. It is located along the western side of Palais Royal.

    Both the Aramis Saint Germain and La Villa des Artistes, will be located in pleasant neighborhoods, just below Jardin du Luxembourg and have convenient access to Metro line, they will be a farther walk /stroll north to the Seine.

    If you want to get some idea of what these neighborhoods 'look' like, you can use the PHOTOS de VILLE feature of the PagesJaunes web site (below) to take an electronic 'stroll' through the streets and neighborhoods in photos, at--

  5. In my experience, the hotels are booked at a per person rate... usually on their websites they have a chart and it will say like single, double, triple, family, or whatever options they have and then the price per room and sometimes price per type of bathroom arrangement you have... that has pretty much been my experience through out europe. But I don't book through online sites like orbitz, I try to find the hotel's website and book directly through them. Sometimes they have deals and specials.

    Do you know what neighborhoods you're looking at? Maybe some of us will have some suggestions...
  6. In Paris, the price is usually per room.

    You have to be adamant about needing TWO beds. They will always try to give you a double bed for 2 people. Not a queen. Not a king.

    I like the Hotel Dominique. It is between the Eiffel Tower and the river. The hotel used to be a convent so the architecture is very charming. The hotel is modest and prices are low. Around $100US per room if you don't get breakfast. This includes a private attached bathroom.

    Always ask if a private attached bathroom with shower or tub is included in the quoted price. Many European hotels have a shared bathroom down the hall. Yuck.

    The Hotel Dominique neighborhood is residential, quiet, and charming. There is an excellent deli nearby. And a killer bakery. Their chocolate cakes are to die for.

    I found this hotel in the book "Great Sleeps in Paris." Sandra's books are very reliable. What you read is what you get. I have used them for many European trips.

    Must do:
    Fauchon's deli.
    Maison du Chocolat for chocolates.
    Musee Jacquemart-Andre for museum art and lunch.
    The Louvre giftstore for gifts to bring home.

    Regarding star ratings:
    3 stars in Europe is 2 stars in the US.
    Hotels in Europe just do not have the same bare floorspace that we are used to. Rooms are smaller but far more charming. Private bathrooms are not included unless specified.

    I wish I were going to Paris in a few months!