Question about Bonnie Tote???????

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  1. So I just got this adorable Bonnie tote but have a question about it. I'm curious as to what some of you gals have put the in the large "luggage" tag? My DH asked me what is was for and he stumped me! It seems that one would put your name and address in it but I'm dying to know what you creative Coachies think! Thanks!

  2. Well if I were to have one I put picture of my babies in theere..

    So when you coming to Seattle??
  3. Great idea! Right now my only baby is a kitty as I am pretty much still a newlywed! As for Seattle, I hope to get there next month. My DH and I have friends who own a marketing co. there and we are planning our trip around their very busy schedule. My DH has been there dozens of times but I never have! I am very much looking forward to it and have been warned that I may likely want to move there when I see it
  4. ^^^ you will definitely love Seattle next month mostly likely the weather will be nice... As far as moving to Seattle, the weather here are not so great.. It can drive people nuts.. 9 months of rain 3 month of sun/cloudy weather.. Weather are unexpect it can be sunny one day then it can be raining the next sometimes snows.. I remember there was one time within 20 miles driving on the freeway, it went from raining to sunny to storm to hailing to snowing then back to sunny. However great thing about Seattle are there are so many great shop here.. If you want to know waht a good place to go to like SHOPPING, just PM me..
  5. Thanks! I will!
  6. i haven't put anything in the luggage tag on mine... i put my business card in the luggage tag on my travel pieces but i suppose since the bonnie tags are open (and i wouldn't be using it for travel) i would probably put a picture in there too... i have a favorite picture of my mom, my sisters and me when were were kids
  7. The bonnie is such a fun bag...I have the blue and green one and I also wondered about the luggage tag when I got her. I soon realized that a wallet size picture of my dog Gracie Lou was the perfect solution. Now I can show both her and the bag off at the same time:biggrin:
  8. I think the picture idea is what I will do as well! I have a cute one of me and my husband on Valentines day...I think that one will look good. Thanks for the ideas ladies!
  9. I put one of the name card inserts from my high school graduation announcements in there.
  10. ^^ Another good idea!
  11. I would put a pic of my kiddos too but since you only have a furry baby I would put a pic of me and my hubby :smooch: well for your and your hubby