Question about Bonanza

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  1. Ok first let me state that I did make a mistake, so please don't jump on me.
    Here's what has happened.
    I sell on Bonanza, I had an item listed and a potential buyer messaged me if i was firm on my price, I told her I could go down about $15.00 but that was all. She then messaged me that she was in Canada, and I am in the US, so I told her I would have to charge shipping. She then asked if I could just send her an invoice thru paypal, and not go thru Bonanza. I told her I could do that. Didn't hear back from her, so I sent her a message that I had to go to bed.

    Woke up to 2 messages 1 from her, with her email address, and one from Bonanza stating I had violated there policy, and my account was on hold until they heard from me. "What" I know I shouldn't have said I would do that, but I hadn't gone thru with it as of yet. I also went thru there policy and no where does it state you can't do that, the only thing it says is you can't lower your price to avoid fee's.

    Sorry this is so long, but I was upset. Also how did they know, was I set up??
  2. The same thing happened to me...but in my case, I had a bag listed on eBay and a buddy of mine messaged me on Bonz and we communicated through there. It lead to a sale, and I got a warning last night and my booth put on hold. The bag was never even listed on bonz, but they still got onto me, lol.
    It's not my dang fault they don't have an iPad app and I cannot post pics, or it WOULD have been listed there (cuz I hate eBay). Boo!

    My advice is that if u go off auction sites...communicate through personal email...maybe set one up just for instances such as that?
  3. Let's hope they are not turning into Ebay!!
  4. Wow - I was asked last week on bonanza by a 0 feedback potential buyer if I would "pretty please" sell to them cheaper through paypal and their message even included their paypal email address. I replied back that I could not sell to them at that price - too low

    Within an hour I received a message from bonz that I had "violated" their policy. Same deal as others here. I guess they are reading messages. I talk at times with someone I know via bonz that lives here in my town. We trade bags and discuss them in our messages.....bags that are not even listed on bonz. I guess we'll have to stop that now.
  5. I wonder if we should ask bonanzamark what is going on. This seems kinda like an invasion of our privacy.
  6. Wow... you replied that you didn't want to sell to her and they still slapped your hand? That seems pretty harsh. I'm wondering if they are just applying a filter to messages that picks up certain keywords--if so though, the automated message they send should be nicer since there are bound to be mistakes.
  7. That's what I thought, I have sent a message to Bonanzamark, and he replied that they only have 10 employees, and almost a million subscribers, said they would not have time for that. So I sent him another message telling him more of what has been going on. Have not heard back from him yet.
  8. If they read the emails with out your permission that is SO wrong and SUCH and invasion of privacy.
  9. Bonanza only has 10 employees?
  10. After I emailed Bonanzamark again, I got a message from him and the agent that put my account on hold, and it has been lifted, but was warned if I do this again I will be suspended.
    And Yes NCC1701D He said they only have 10 employees. So I don't know what is going on.
  11. its their website and their servers. Just like an employer can check browsing history and the company email.
  12. That is NUTS. You shouldn't have been suspended for that, you weren't going to do the transaction!

    10 employees, wow. I have listed bags on Bonanza before but I don't know if I would again, knowing that. For the volume that they do, it seems so inadequate.
  13. I think Bonz has some kind of program that picks up emails, so if anyone sends you an email then you may get the warning. You can't do an off-site transaction w/o an email obviously.
  14. Bonanzamark, stated they don't have the manpower or time to check messages. So Don't know.
  15. Right, that's why I think it's a program that's being used. It can be set up to send warning messages if there is an email sent in a message. I believe ebay has something similar to detect when websites are posted in an auction description.