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  1. I'm new so I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but why are things so much cheaper on BlueFly than say, in the Fendi boutique? Is it like an outlet? Do the boutiques send them their leftovers? I've been reading all the negative comments about BlueFly on this website and was just wondering what the deal is with that place? It just seems like when something seems too good to be true it usually is... is that the case with this?:confused1:
  2. Good question. I shop at bluefly quite a bit and really like them and have received great items from them. There have been some bad sales and problems with other people's interactions with them, but they have been a great place to shop if you know the TRUE and CORRECT retail price and you know what you have is authentic.
  3. There have been problems regarding Bluefly and Balenciaga bags - they have sold fake Bals in the past, and when several posters tried to get their money back etc, it was a very long and frustrating process. Balenciaga was the ONLY brand I have heard complaints from - I have not heard complaints about fake Fendi (etc) bags.

    That said, I have bought from Bluefly before (just not bags) and I find that they have excellent service and a good return policy.

    I believe Bluefly is able to markdown their prices so much because they are given excess stock from the boutiques. If you are patient, you may be able to score items that were supposedly sold out last season/last year at a slightly cheaper price.

    If you have doubts about a bag, just post in the Authenticate thread :yes:
  4. Hi,
    I recently bought a Fendi from bluefly and it is authenticated on the "Please authenticate this Fendi" thread. You can check it out. I posted on 4/23 round 7 pm.
  5. I have purchased Fendi and Prada from them with no problems. I also have never had a problem with their customer service.
  6. There seems to be a real split among members re. Bluefly. After the Fake Balenciaga episode last year, I became concerned about their quality control, and swore off buying from them. However, I was lured back by all the Chloe bags they had recently, and did purchase an Edith. I ultimately returned the bag, though, since I personally couldn't verify authenticity.

    I was also concerned that, even if authentic, if I chose to sell it later, the fact that it was purchased from Bluefly would affect it's resale value.

    I have purchased a lot from Bluefly over the years, and until last year, never gave a thought about authenticity. I do think Bluefly needs to have a knowledgable in-house team that can accurately vette their merchandise, so this whole thing can finally be put to rest.
  7. One of the big problems they had was the fact that members would tell them flat out that the bag was fake and they would not believe them. They had a bad source of bags and they continued to put them on the website even after numerous complaints. As a result, their credibility was greatly diminished.

    Whatever I buy there, I make sure it is authentic. They have improved the process where they put a tag on the shoulder strap of the bag, so no one can do the switcheroo (buy the real, return a fake). Even then, no matter where you buy it, unless it's Fendi boutique or my local NM, I would exercise buyer-beware.

    Hope this helps! And good luck! :heart:
  8. Interesting... thanks gals! I'll definately keep all that in mind! I do enjoy being waited on in the boutiques though! And inevitably I would be the one to get in one of those predictaments. I feel maybe paying the extra money would be worth the peace of mind of knowing I'm not losing money on a phony or having to deal with a horrible situation like that.