Question about blue crackled patent

  1. Hey ladies! :smile: I was wondering if any of you know about there being a blue crackled patent (not reissue) in a medium size... was this made, and do any of you have it? I would love to see pictures! I found a gorgeous blue crackled patent East West style (eBay), and I was thinking about that, and I have no idea from where I might find a medium (if it exists)! The medium would probably be my preference, but I think the East West is adorable too. TIA! :smile:

  2. I've only seen the jumbo in real life, and I saw the east-west one on eBay that you were talking about. I have no idea if any boutiques or stores ordered it in the medium. You might need to start calling around.
  3. As of Tuesday night (closing), Chanel South Coast Plaza has 4. Their number is 714-754-7455.
  4. Mine is a black Jumbo, but I'll post a pic so you can get an idea of what the crackled patent looks like. I'm not sure if a medium size was made or not.

  5. the Nordstrom on Topanga has one right now :smile:
    Ask for David Glenn the Designer handbag manager 818 884-7900x1255.
    Tell him the gal with the returned studded Jimmy Choo bag referred you.
  6. Thanks ladies! I will call tomorrow and see :smile: