question about Bloomie's insider GC's

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  1. I recently signed up for a Bloomie's card so that I could use the 15% off promo for a bag online. I also was excited about the Insider GCs/promos.
    Now I find out the GCs ($25 off $100) can only be used in-store and not online. I don't live close to any Bloomies!

    I called one store and asked if GCs work over the phone, i.e. for a charge/send. She said no. I'm hoping she's wrong--
    Has anyone been able to use these over the phone?
  2. If it's a gift card, it works over the phone cos it has numbers and pin. If it's a coupon (which I suspect it to be) it won't work over the phone.
    I received a $25 off $100 via mail when I opened my Bloomies too; but it was a coupon with restrictions and expiration date!!! :tdown:
  3. You're right--it's a coupon. I have two of them now and can't use either.:sad:
    Thanks for the reply though.