Question about blocking bidder

  1. If I block someone from bidding on my auctions, are they still able to send or respond to a message?
  2. Yes they can still send messages, they just cannot place a bid.
  3. yup, ^^^ I second what she said!
  4. Thank you both. I was curious as I sent a message yesterday to a potential buyer who was asking me to do something dishonest. After her outrageous request, I responded to say "NO", after which point I blocked her. I figured she would message me back in anger, but she didn't. Hopefully, she just moved on to the next seller.
  5. She probably just moved on to try and scam someone else!
    If I get a bad feeling about a potential bidder I always block them, it just isn't worth the headache.
  6. She had not moved on but instead she waited a day before letting me have it!! I posted her comments on another thread. Oh well, I didn't bother to respond as I have moved on. Thanks.
  7. This isn't about handbags but I want to share: two years ago we listed on eBay some L.A.M.B. hoodies at auction. They were originally made for Fall, 2005, but our tags said "Fall, 2006." Well, L.A.M.B. (Gwen Stephani) marches to their own drummer and re-issued the item with the new label.

    Well now ----------- we got a profanity-laced message form "MISSLAMBLV" (not her real eBay ID) letting us know in no uncertain terms that we were selling fakes and that she had a "legion" of eBayers ready to "take us down!" We don't sell fakes (handbags or otherwise) and never will, ignored her, blocked her, and never heard another word. A month later we found a newspaper article talking about this very thing (2005 versus 2006 labels) and sent it to her. Never heard a word back. Sooooooo easy to call the kettle black.
  8. Love It!!