Question about Black Stams

  1. Were the black stams EVER made with cream/beige suede lining?

    I know the first round had the red suede and the 06 ones have beige canvas lining, but were they ever made with beige SUEDE lining?

    There's on on ebay and according to the seller, they were released in the winter.

    Do any of you know if this is true?
  2. If I remember correctly, the ones that came out for Resort 06 (wintertime, technically) had a cream suede. It's the later ones, i.e. Spring 06, that the lining was switched to canvas.

    If you're concerned about authenticity, you can always post the auction link and I'm sure the experts here will be more than happy to id the bag.
  3. I think I know which bag you're talking the link and have everyone confirm for you. From what I remember, the bag looked pretty good.
  4. Is this it? BIN is ~$1839USD, that's expensive!
  5. I hate scrolling photos, I just don't have enough patience.

    Wow, it does look pretty good.
    Most fakes have the red suede lining.
    I think the high mark-up is because she might not want to let it go unless someone overpays the actual retail price.
  6. Are you set on buying a black Stam with suede lining? I know that I've seen a number of black Stams out there recently in stores... If you're interested in buying one at retail, let me know and I'll PM you the info.
  7. I really want one with the antique hardware. I've seen lots of regular stams in my are, but was really hoping to get an older one.
  8. Yes--the Stam came in black with beige suede lining. These bags were produced for spring 06 and came out in late Jan./early Feb. The bags had pale gold shiny hardware and not the antique hardware that was featured on the fall 05 Stams. By the way the retail price on this bag was $1200 and not $1275. I had one of these bags and let it go. I must say it was much nicer than the current batch of Stams. The leather was soft and supple and the stitching seemed to be of higher quality. Sure wish I still had it...
  9. is the hardware the same as the fall stams with the gold chains? so basically the bag is the same as the fall bags but with the suede interior?
  10. ^^I would describe the hardware on this version of Stam as a slightly lighter shade of gold. It's not a big difference but it seems the hardware on the latest release of Stams is a bit more yellow in tone. The putty Stams also had this pale gold hardware instead of the more yellow version.

    In addition to the hardware variation, I think that the leather and stitching are different on the latest release. The leather is more textured and not as soft and the quilting seems a bit flatter. My SA at Nordstrom even commented that the newer bags are not the same.

    One more note about hardware--I have noticed that MJ hardware sometimes varies in tone even within the same style. I purchased two banana hobos--one from Nordstrom and one from Saks online. Though the bags were identical, one bag had a pale gold chain strap and the other bag had a bright yellow gold strap. It was extremely noticable when comparing the bags side by side.
  11. The one with the beige suede has the new shiny hardware. The only way you'll get the original antiqued hardware is on the 05 bags. Mayyyybe the January 06 release has it too.
  12. I still have mine -- it has the cream suede lining. It's a great bag. It has gotten quite slouchy over the months.
  13. I had the Jan06 with cream/beige suede but returned it for a Fall 05. I just like the Fall 05 the best because it is more slouchy. It looks more vintage. It was a hard decision because those 2 were both pretty bags IMO just different looking. I don't really like the new stams.
  14. Georgie, did the Jan 06 bag have the antiqued or shiny hardware?