Question about birkin sleeper and lock...

  1. Are some sleeper's a beige-y color? And on the bottom of my lock it has the number 107. Is that right?
    Thanks so much!!!
  2. Yeah...I noticed that my bags are coming with a beige sleeper now...
  3. The older bags were a tan color, then came the orange ones. Now, the new bags have a lighter tan/beige sleeper again.
  4. I like orange.
  5. When I was H in NYC last week, half the bags had orange dustbags and the rest had the newer ones.
  6. Me too. But frankly, I don't care if the sleeper is puke green. Hehehe, it's the contents that I trully desire. :p

    P.S. My last purchase came w/ a beige sleeper.