question about birkin hardware's color

  1. hello everyone

    I did order one birkin 35 in red (togo) . And sales suggested me use the sliver hardware.

    But all my friends think golden hardware is more pretty.

    I am totally get lose now.

    Help me and give me some suggestion.

    It is my first birkin...thanks :heart: :yes: :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. that is the color i ordered[​IMG]
  3. any ideas?
    sliver or golden?
    thanks everyone
  4. I prefer silver on rouge garance: it cools the color down, I think bright red with gold is too rich...JMHO
  5. Congratulations on being able to order a birkin in rouge garance togo, Miracle. I second what duna said. It's a cool red and will look great with palladium. Go get it!
  6. THANKS!!!
    THEN I KEEP MY DECISION!:wlae: :happydance: :roflmfao:

  7. I totally agree about the silver/palladium HW - it looks much better and more modern on the Garance IMHO.

    Here's a pic of mine that will give you an idea what yours will look like - enjoy... you made a great choice!

  8. OH MY GOD!! I LOVE IT!!
    :heart: :love: :drinks:
  9. PH for sure!! It's going to be spectacular!
  10. I like the silver PH on that color also. VERY, VERY nice!!!
  11. i like both PH and GH with rouge. PH i think is more wearable with rouge garance if you want to use bag everyday. GH i love with red... but it might be too much for everyday, it might be too formal.
  12. I vote for PH too :smile:
  13. I prefer PH as well with RG! It is a stunning combination!
  14. This is a color that looks beautiful with either, although I chose palladium with mine--Rouge Garance in Togo; I think you'll be very happy with your choice!