Question about Birkin and Kelly prices - please help!

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  1. Hey you well dressed girls! :girlsigh:

    I have always dreamed about an Hermes, and maybe I could get one soon..:rolleyes: But then it hit me - I don't really know how much they are!
    Could you please tell me the pricing on Kelly and Birkin? in 32cm and the smaller one...
    The Hermes store in Stockholm doesn't sell bags yet so I figured I could ask you instead - I belive you laides know more than the seller at the newly opened Hermes in Stockholm. Thanks a lot!!:flowers:
  2. you are euro region aren´t you? so the prices i know of are around 4800 for a 32 chevre 4400 for a togo 32 and then it goes up to 15.000euro for croc. but of course pieces can change on your location
  3. So much depends on skin, hardware, color, style. No matter what, they're all expensive, so buy what you know you will use--get your Euro's worth!!! I spent a lot on my BJ Birkin, but I use mine almost every day, so I know I'm getting my money's worth.

  4. My 32cm kelly cost $5,994.00. It is a chocolate brown bag done in a leather my SA calls ever grain. She said it was a relatively new leather.

    But as others have said, it depends on hardware, leather. The birkins don't come in a 32cm size. BUt there is a 30cm or 35cm as well as a 25cm if you want a smaller birkin. You should look in some of the stickies at the top of the fourm for more information because there are some prices listed there for the various sizes and leathers.
  5. If I am not mistaken, I believe the 30cm togo birkin starts at $6800 and the 35cm starts at $7400? But definitely look at the stickys for more information- there is an abundance of knowledge and excellent pictures to help! Good luck on your search! And don't hesitate to post questions if any should arise- our Members are excellent at providing answers!
  6. I paid $6,850 for a Clemence Birkin 30 recently. Not that the $50 makes a difference! LOL
  7. it does reflect the difference in price between togo and clemence! Every little nuance can raise the price- so it all helps!

    Is this your blue jean clemence? How are you liking it these days Lucy??
  8. Hi jag, no, it was for Gold Clemence. I LOVE my BJ Clemence Birkin! I used it for the 2nd time the other day. I still haven't removed the plastic, though. LOL!
  9. there we go aigain :lol: ;)
  10. Hehe, lilach... the ones on the clasps are peeling off slooooowwwwwly...

    One day I'll photograph it when the plastic is peeling off! Unless I have the presence of mind to remove it myself and give it some dignity!
  11. Peel that plastic off and let that bag breath! ITS GORGEOUS! And you bought a Gold one too! Lucy, please adopt me!
  12. OTINGOCNI: I didn't peel the plastic off for a long time, but the girls in here tackled me to the ground and made me do it!! (I'm still keeping the little plastic pieces in a little baggie though).
  13. LOL!!! Jehaga you are too cute! Glad you ripped that plastic off though even if you are hanging on to them for sentimental reasons!
  14. My SA actually told me to peel the plastic off as soon as possible because the longer it stays on there, it may actually end up "melting" onto the hardware due to temperature changes and what not in the summer.
  15. Really, Kou? You just made me jump up from my desk and check my Birkin -- I've left the plastic on the hardware for a year or so now! :wtf:
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