Question about bid retractions

  1. I am bidding on a handbag on eBay currently, and another bidder and I kept outbidding each other (there were only 2 of us bidding at the time). She had bid 3 or 4 times. Now I just found out she retracted her highest bid, making me the highest bidder. The reason she gave for the bid retraction was "entered wrong amount." When she retracted her highest bid, all her lower bids also disappeared, making me the only bidder. Why wouldn't her other lower bids still show up? Or could she have retracted all her bids?

    I know my knowledgeable PF ladies will know the answer to this. :yes: TIA!
  2. Yes, she retracted all her bids. Did you suspicious of shill bidding?
  3. Thanks for the answer, lvgodiva. Yes, I did suspect shill bidding and even emailed the seller about it. She just said she hates when people retract their bids.
  4. Link!?
  5. I have a bidder on one of my auctions right now that has 14 bid retractions. Some people just are compulsive retractors.
  6. Ugh, I've reported people for just jacking my bid up and nothing was ever done about it. Thank goodness I didn't actually end up winning the item but it annoyed me so much.
    The bidder first put $4725 as their high bid (it was an insanely cheap item that I had bid about $40 for), saw what mine was, then bid right up until they reached my high bid and stopped bidding. If that isn't suspcious, I don't know what is..yet nothing was ever done about it.
  7. whats shill bidding?
  8. o cool thank you soo much!!
  9. You're welcome, it would have taken me half the night to try and explain properly.

    After reading that link though, I am even more confused about some of the other things.
  10. Once you retract your highest bid, all of your lower bids disappear on the auction you are bidding on. You don't have to retract each one separately. eBay has a section about that in the retract bid link. It warns you that you can become the high bidder if the person above you does a retraction.
  11. Mmm, I ever retracted my highest bid, then the second high bidder retracted her, too and I became the highest bidder again. If retract, I'll retract all my bids ;)
  12. Sometimes people bid higher and higher if an item has a reserve. Once they find out the reserve price, then they retract their bids. People usually do this if the seller will not reveal their reserve price. Did this auction have a reserve?
  13. I just realized this didn't make sense..the bidder bid $4725, then retracted it, then bid again about 5 times right up until they were about $1 under my high bid.
  14. be careful with retracting bids, on your feedback page, there is a thing that lists how many times you have retracted your bids.. people with lots of bid retractions are hazards to sellers.

    I often check this when someone has bid on my auction or has retracted, just to see how "notorious" they are at it.