question about betty

  1. i just ordered a black betty from bluefly and i'm not sure if it's a small or a medium. it's 12" long. i was wondering if any of you know the dimensions of these two sizes are so i can know what i bought?
  2. I got my black betty from NAP and its a medium. Ive measured the base of the bag and its 13 inches. From top to bottom its 9 inches and if you include the handles its 16 inches. They are just a rough guide as my betty is ultra slouchy :smile:
    My girlfriend has a small betty and its smaller than mine but mine is not as big as my other friends large betty. That is too large for me as im only small framed.
  3. does it have pockets on both sides?

  4. Yes, how many pockets might help...althought doesn't the large (or medium as it is called on NAP) have two on each side like the small and then the medium (which they stopped producing a while ago now) has a long one on one side and two square ones on the other side.

    I have the small and it is about 12 inches long but only about 6 or 7 inches high......

    Pics would help ;)
  5. here my medium betty... the other side just has the two pockets.

  6. hand over the drool bucket people!:drool:
  7. it hasn't arrived yet so the only pics i have are the ones on bluefly:
  8. You got the one I had my eye on....she should be a beauty!