Question about belted ergo colors :)

  1. Hi everyone! I used my 25% coupon today and got a small belted ergo! The store only had it in brass/khaki/black and I got to thinking- does anyone know if this bag is ever going to come out in a different color? I love the color but was just wondering if there would be something else coming out soon. Thanks everyone!:flowers:
  2. I THINK you can get it in Macy's in khaki/tobacco....that color is a dept store exclusive, I was told!
  3. Yes You's On The Macy's Site In Khaki/tobacco!!!!!!
  4. ohh i see it! that is nice too! thanks mommyville! i wonder if they will ever make it w/ the chocolate sig? mmm that would be nice as well!
  5. OMG!!!!!! If they did, I would be ALL OVER THAT!!!!!! That would be a GORGEOUS bag too!!!! I REALLY like the belted ALL the colors....heck....who am I kidding??? I AM AN ERGO LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL ERGOS!!!!!!!! :heart::yahoo: