Question about belt size

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  1. I know the best way to find out is to goto boutique to try but I don't have the time so I would like to have some gauge from fellow tpfers.. hope you'll entertain me :P

    If I'm a US 6 / UK 10 / IT 38, what size belt should I wear? 75cm? 80cm?

    Or if you are comfortable enough, please share the size belt you wear and your clothings size for comparison.


    PS: Most ladies may not be golfers here, but for those who are.. I wear J.Lindeberg belt size 85/30. I dunno how to translate that to BV belt size.
  2. The numbers are in centimeters, and BV belts are designed so the little pointy think should fit into the middle hole when wearing it. I think the best thing to do is measure one of your belts that fits you best and get the same size in BV. 85 centimeters = 33.5 inches overall.