Question about being asked to post pics

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  1. This is probably a ridiculous question but I am honestly wondering. In pretty much every forum on this site, whenever anyone posts about purchasing something they're inevitably asked to post pics. Why is this? Is it because people want proof that they actually purchased the item (although it would be kinda weird to lie about it)? Is it because people want to know what the item looks like? This also seems weird because if you're a fan of LV and you're posting in the LV forum don't you already know what a Speedy 30 or whatever looks like? Or does everyone just genuinely enjoy looking at the pictures?
  2. Hi there, AirJewels!:smile: I am quite new to this place so I am not the one to answer your question :P but I do think that the girls only want to see pics because they really love the items and want to share the joy with the owner. Also there are new members daily who might look for certain items and enjoy the little pics which the owners show. I for instance was so glad that I could see so many beautiful things in real life photos!:smile1 and I have to thank the members for that for taking the time and post them:
  3. It's kind of like saying, oh you went on a great trip to Paris and you saw the Eiffel Tower and went to the Louvre, etc. Of course we all want to see pictures, even if we've seen them a hundred times before! It's something fun.

  4. ITA! Well said :smile:
  5. While I think there might a be a few cases where people want proof, for the most part, I think it is because we like seeing the bags even if we have seen them before. I personally never post pics. I am too lazy. I used to do it when I first joined though.
  6. I can never see enough photos of beautiful bags ;)
  7. When I'm contemplating buying a bag, I also like to see modeling pictures. So I can see what the bag looks like on someone of a similar height/build as me etc...

    Especially important when you've got sizes to choose from - Speedy 25, 30, 35 etc. or the PM, MM, GM !!
  8. I wish I knew how to post pics...I feel silly and I should know but I have no idea how to post a pic on here :sad:
  9. I don't see the point of posting photos of e.g., LV speedys (or the long, drawn out reveals of them). If an item is a new style, color or being modeled, I always enjoy those photos.
  10. ^ Agreed.
  11. +1

    I love reveals and mod shots! I know a lot of times we've seen the bags before, but it's always fun when you can sense how excited a TPF-er is about her new bag. Also, a lot of times people don't have friends who are as bag-crazy as they are, and it's hard to explain to some friends why you're spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bag. It's sometimes nice to post on a forum where people share the same interests and are as excited as you are.

    Also, I love mod shots. Everyone has such fun outfits! Makes me want to work harder at dressing up. :smile:

  12. Posting a picture of LV Speedy 30 doesn't seem reasonable to me. But I'm always happy to see (and will probably ask) the photos of "Oh I just bought a lovely nude clucth!". And yes, just like QU33NR3MI said - I can't have enough of pics of great fashion items! :smile:
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    There are a few tpfers... who I suspect... always ask for pics and mod pics... for not kind reasons.

    But... for the most part... tpfers who ask to see pics and mod pics... simply love to see pics! Honestly, it's a vicarious thrill, to see pics of others, enjoying their finds. And it's inspiring to see how other people style their finds, too. Not to mention... that it's super helpful to see mod pics of bags you're researching, that are otherwise difficult to try in person. (Personally, I prefer the "no-pressure" research I can do online... before heading into a boutique to try something in person.) Also... pics are helpful for seeing the entire "range" of hues visible under lighting variations, of hard-to-pin down colors. :yes:

    Some of my favorite pics... are the ones that inspire me to pursue a bag (or whatever) that I'd never noticed before. Which is why mod pics on my favorite threads, never get old for me. :smile: On the other hand... some of us who are on tpf more than others or are more familiar with tpf than others... forget that others aren't as thorough or haven't seen many pics, already posted... or don't know where to find pics and mod pics... and they tend to ask for pics, because it's easier to ask for a pic than go looking for one. ;)

    hth! :smile:

  14. +1 I love this explanation, I am on tpf for the reason that I can not gush about my bags to anyone in my immediate surrounding because of the fact that they cannot afford to spend that much money on bags or because they are too cheap to buy them either way I get a lot of hate not only for my bags but also for the life style that I choose to live so its nice to find a place where people don't judge you for how much money you spend on a bag or are envious of what bag you carry. For me personally this was a reason where I didn't buy nice things for many years because I didn't want to be scrutinized for buying nice bags by my family and friends
  15. I don't want to read about someone's outfit for the day, or new bag or piece of jewelry or beautiful scarf. I want to see it! Fashion is visual.
    I appreciate beautiful things and I'm a very visual person. Not only do I get a lot of fashion ideas from people on this forum. But I've also purchased many an item because I see how great it looks on someone else.