Question about Beige Caviar


The Good Witch
Jun 15, 2010
Hey Ladies (and Gents) of the Chanel forum,

I was just wondering if I could get some information on how well Beige Caviar holds up over time. I am thinking of getting a Dark Beige Jumbo in Caviar Leather with Gold Hardware as my next Chanel purchase, but am wary of light colored bags due to color transfer, dirt, smudges, etc... being very visible.

I know caviar leather is really sturdy, and my caviar GST is super durable, but what about light colors?

Would patent be better (though if I go patent, I'll be changing my color choice. haha).

Anyways, any information from Beige caviar owners would be appreciated.

Oh, and I plan to use this bag quite often, as I love the size and shape of the Jumbo. Would black be better if I am planning to use it as an every day bag?



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Apr 17, 2010
I have the Beige Clair (lighter than Dark Beige) and I use it almost everyday. I have had her since January. Rain, snow, with dark clothes, with light clothes, and it still looks brand new! No color transfer, no dirt marks, nothing! If you love the Beige color, I highly recommend it! So beautiful and classy :love: Black is 100% safe, but the Beige is such a stunner!

I have experienced absolutely no problems so far! :flowers:


Apr 9, 2010
I have beige clair as well and I find its a nice neutral color that goes well with everything in my closet! I dont have any beige clothes at all so I can wear this one with my entire closet! to my eye, sometimes I think i notice some darkening where it touches my clothes (esp if I wear black) but nothing that baby wipes cant remove.

I love my beige!


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May 25, 2011
Hey ladies,
I am considering getting the beige clair jumbo double flap in caviar, and I've read the comments and I was wondering how are your bags keeping up..
I am torn between the black one and the beige clair, I think the beige clair is much prettier!


That bag is fine!
Oct 17, 2010
I don't wear my beige that often (fear of color transfer), but I LOVE beige, dark beige colors in Chanel. Like H-Angel the beige pops with my work clothing (which is more conservative dark colors (lots of black). Thanks for info on baby wipes H-Angel.