question about bbag handles

  1. Hello! I'm fairly new to balenciaga and don't know much about them. I was looking at some pre-owned ones on ebay and some of them have really dark handles from use. Is there any way to clean it, or is it permanent like naked vachetta leather used in Louis Vuitton bags?
  2. You can pretty much consider it permanent. Some don't mind it because they feel it is part of the character of an older bag.

    The only surefire solution is to send it to a handbag restorer to have the handles repainted to a close approximation of the original color.
  3. One thing I've noticed is that the handles tend to photograph a little darker than they actually are. I'm not sure why!

    But yes, as fiatflux mentioned, whatever darkening they have is natural and mostly permanent, like LV vachetta. You may be able to clean them up a little, but probably not a lot.
  4. i wish it never happens ... with all bags.... especially mine

    i really really really prefer the "fairly-new" look rather than the "used-up vintage" one :smile:
  5. There is a product from Lovin my Bags just to prevent the darkening of handles, it further down the this page:

    Lovin my Bags Store

    I bought a used 2005 city bag in caramel and the handles are almost completely like new but because it is one of the lighter colors I wanted to prevent any darkening, if I can.

    I just got my jar of Lovin my Bags For Handles Only the other day and have put two coats on and then will re-do once a month and see how it goes. Peggy
  6. we can put a man on the moon but we cant keep our handbag handles from darkening. go figure.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao: