Question about Baxter bag ...

  1. This is the first time I've created a post in the LV forum. Hello. :cutesy:I was wondering if anyone had a photo of the SAC Baxter GM bag? Below is the PM version. If you own it, is your pet comfortable inside? Apologies if this has been posted before but since search is down it's impossible to find old threads.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. it's just released I don't think anyone has it yet
  3. thi bag would be great for my baby, only if they made new collars!!!
  4. I tried this on at the store yesterday, I loved it!!! Lol my fat pug wouldn't fit in there though, her head probably but thats about it, Rofl!!
    I really really liked it though, great as a usual bag but it's heavy!

    I cant wait for the new dog collars, im definatley getting Minnie one! (Just so she can wreck it in the muddy river!) hehe!!
  5. I don't have this bag but I tried it on the other week and the PM would fit a chihuahua or small puppies. I have a Japanese Spitz and there's no way she'd fit in there :sad: It's gorgeous as a day bag too IMO - great for books particularly.
  6. Thanks, ladies. If anyone buys it please bump this post. I have a small Yorkie (6lbs) so I'm split between the PM and GM. He likes to lay comfortably in the bag (head inside) so I want to make sure it fits. :smile:
  7. Go the GM; he would be snug in the PM. :yes:
  8. I am so tempted to purchase the PM for my little chi. Would love to hear pro/cons of this bag. Anyone purchased please let me know.
  9. Ladies I too am thinking about this bag for my Hazel (5.5 lbs chihuahua pictured in my avatar) so I was doing some research and on the LV site it says the PM is for 20lbs and under! And the GM 20lbs+ ! So I'm sure the PM would work for any tiny dog.

    Currently I have the PM dog carrier (which my dog loves and has tons of space in, but I want something for everyday. I think the baxter is great for that, but if you want to travel with it (ie put it under your seat for airplanes) I don't think it would be allowed. Most airplanes require something completely enclosed and the Baxter isn't.
  10. Also interested in the Baxter and hoping someone with a furbaby will post pics, :smile:
  11. Hey guys - I bought the PM for my pom & am returning it..shes only 5 months old, but it fit her exactly which means its not a good size for her, since she will def get thinking of getting the GM though - does anyone know the length of the bag?
  12. Thanks, Sweet. I just ordered the PM from However, after reading your post and seeing another member's photos I think it may be too small so I'll have to return it and go with the GM. I can post photos once it arrives for those who are on the fence, too.

  13. I tried both the PM and GM for my 5 lb Chihuahua and the PM was a tight fit. She fit in the GM perfect. Here she is in the GM. The GM is still not that big.

  14. Thank you for sharing. Your 'baby' is gorgeous and I love that the bag fits nicely under the arm, even with the pet inside. That's exactly what I need when I run errands and want to bring my Yorkie. I can't wait until my GM arrives.