Question about Barenia

  1. Can someone advise me on how well barenia refurbishes? Is it similar to box calf and will return to almost new condition?

  2. no it doesn't! it ages, darkens, its amazing!
  3. And it catches moisture like a sponge too! But whatever water droplets land on it, once you rub them all into the leather, it all looks natural.

    Not for the faint-hearted, this one.
  4. Thank you guccigal and mrssprakles!

    How about corner wearing? I have no problem with the darkening of color or scratches of barenia, but I was wondering if the corner wearing can be spa treated to almost brand new condition like box calf.
  5. Can't answer about corner wearing because I haven't experienced that (yet). Hope someone can provide the answer.
  6. my barenia bags have worn the same on the corners as on the rest of the bags -- i.e., darkening and marks. they haven't lost color the way box and some other leathers do.