Question about "Bans"

  1. I've noticed that on a lot of member's signatures they have been banned from the designer stores. How does that happen? I mean, do they buy too much in a certain period, or are desruptive on the store, or ???

    I don't want to be banned from the local Coach store! So any tips on how NOT to get banned?

  2. Do they mention that they're banned from an actual store or they are on a self-imposed banned from buying any more designer bags? I heard of only a few people being actually banned from a store like coach because they are suspected of reselling. There are though a lot of members here that go on a self-imposed ban for a certain number of months because they've bought too much recently or they are looking to save up for a big purchase.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Yeah, like harm0ni said, people are just talking about self-imposed (or maybe in some cases "significant-other-imposed" :p ) bans from buying purses for awhile. Unless you're buying massive quantities of items in multiples, then I don't think you have to worry. The only person I remember getting actually banned from Coach had been spending upwards of $10,000 per month, buying stuff to send to friends overseas and also to sell on eBay.
  4. Yeah, I take it as they are banning themselves from spending more money.
  5. A lot of members are in a self-imposed ban! Maybe they spent too much money in a month or whatever, so they need to for a little.
  6. I need to be on a ban!!!! In the last month alone I have bought 4 Gucci's and one LV... HELP ME!!! MAKE ME STOP!!!!
  7. LOL... Yes, I believe it means they have banned themselves from shopping, because they have been very, VERY bad.....

    Also, you will see Sofa King Banned... which if you say it outloud a few times... that should become apparent what that means... (When I first arrived here, I thought it was a different forum site that they had been banned from or something!!)

    And I also found out the other day, while looking through the feedback area, that if the person has "Sofa King Banned" as their title under their name, it might mean that they are banned from tPF for whatever reason!! Which I felt like a real moron, because I thought it was just something people had put their themselves, and I almost put it on mine because I thought it was funny!! That could have ended badly. I think that other members, that maybe haven't realized that, or just think the phrase is funny too, have adopted it and put it into their signature...
  8. Sofa King Banned. LOL. Took me a bit to get that too.

    Ok. So now I get the whole "Banned" thing. I would like to think I have a bit of self control when it comes to Coach... but then again... I have been eyeing some purses and cosmetic pouches online, at the Outlet, and on E-bay........

    Heh heh heh :devil:
  9. I was bad before tpf, but not THIS bad. Bad, bad influence. Yet I love it. *L*

  10. Just be VERY careful about buying on eBay there are SO many fakes on there.
  11. I put myself on a ban because I have spent waaay too much money on Coach over the past month or so (mostly because of the bad influences on this website :p ). I'm on a ban till July 1st, then I am getting myself a present to celebrate finishing my second year of residency! I'm hoping I can last that long...I've already talked myself out of a few Coach purchases online (web surfing at midnight is BAD!) and a trip to the Coach outlet...

  12. Do you mind if i join you on your ban? I need to stop buying!!!!!
  13. And I saw the "Sofa King Banned" thing under a TPFer's name, and I thought it was funny! I didn't know it meant they were actually banned from TPF!

  14. This is me (see signature) but lately I haven't been doing a good job at it.....:shrugs:
  15. Sure! :p