Question about Ball "Marmo" Bag?

  1. Yoogis and Anns have the Ball bag - Anns calls it Marmo.
    I havent seen much on this bag. Can someone tell me how this compares size wise to a Large Veneta. I let my Maxi go and I still havent found a black bag I want, without getting another Veneta. Opinions please. And they describe 4 inner corner pockets - are they OUTSIDE the Zipper portion?
  2. Argggh - you let the maxi go?????

    The pockets are outside the zipped portion of the bag. The ball bag is VERY organized!!
  3. I did! Can you believe that? It was just TOO big! I never even carried it.....I cant believe I would ever find a bag too big for me....I am NOT a dainty girl and have always carried big bags...well, the very first Burberry leather bag I bought was HUGE...and it was HEAVY....and it had a CHAIN......that bag was MONSTEROUS........
  4. The ball bag is a bit smaller than the large Veneta, IMO. I no longer have a Ball bag so I can't give you numbers, though.
  5. you know mdlcal28, i lost sleep last night debating whether to let my truffle maxi go. all this talk about large versus maxi yesterday really got me thinking.