question about Balenciagas

  1. I heard that they peel (the leather I mean)....Is that true?
  2. Not that I know of. None of mine ever have. The bottom corners of the bags tend to wear through after a while, especially if you sit them on concrete and don't take care of them. I always hang mine on the back of a chair or sit it in a chair. I never plop them down on the floor anywhere and if someone else does it, they get a dirty look and I snatch it up and put it where the bottom is protected.
  3. Agree with Powder !!!
    :yes: same for me:smile: !!!

  4. and me !!
  5. So it's best to hang them? How about the handles?
  6. in, over time the leather starts to flake off?? I guess anything is possible...afterall, leather isn't indestructable. :shrugs:
  7. The hanldes can get dirty and I don't like dirty handles so I use the strap or put the handles over my arm. Also spray the handles several times with Apple Guard and repeat it oncea month. It's hand creams and oil from you hands that turns the handles dark on lighter colored bags. Get black, or ink and you never have to deal with the handle issues. I love white bags and I keep mine pristine. The only one that ever got messed up was a MJ Frankie and that is because I used Coach leather conditioner and it turned it yellow. Recently I used the Apple Guarf cleaner and it removed all of the waxy yellow coating that the Coach JUNK left on it.
  8. okay thanks guys :smile: