Question about Balenciaga leather...

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Bagaholic Bee
Oct 19, 2007
Hi! I'm new to B bags, and I just purchased my very first one over the internet (I'm actually still waiting for it to arrive) since we don't have an actual Balenciaga store here, and the only store that carries it is always sold out. I recently read through a thread here in TPF and found out through the posts that there are different kinds of leather available for Balenciaga bags. I actually wasn't too aware of this :s Now I'm worried because I want mine to have nice leather too! Are the differences in the texture of the leather really that obvious? And what is it exactly that makes them so different? I've been reading posts from people that describe their bags as veiny, thicker than past seasons, etc. Please help! Pictures would be much appreciated! :yes: Thanks so much!
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Not open for further replies.