Question about Baby Spy from newbie

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  1. Hi everyone! Does anyone know if Fendi made a Baby Spy in Fortuny hologram? If so, is it still in stores or is eBay my only hope??

  2. ^^^at first, I was asking after seeing other members' larger Fortuny Spys on the Fendi subforum...then I went to eBay and found that auction and was coming back to post it in "Authenticate This". Is it authentic??

    ETA: I saw this bag/auction was posted on Authenticate This already...
  3. Hi redney!!! (from the balenciaga forum).....
    .... i think you should hold out for a large fortuny!!
  4. Hi waterfalls!!! good to see ya on the Fendi forum! :smile: I'm kinda debating this - I really like the smaller size of this one - the big one seems too big for my frame...
  5. I think the it looks nicer on the Spy bag.