Question about Baby Animal pins...........

  1. Hey everyone, I'm Dawn, I looooove Chanel, and I'm new here on the Chanel Forum.

    I just bought a Chanel pin from a line I think is called "Baby Animals". I got the White Butterfly.....I know it also comes in the cat and a mouse.........does anyone know if it's available in the Owl or Ladybug?


  2. Hi Dawn,

    Welcome: I really don't know, but I would love to see a picture of the White Butterfly. It sounds very pretty.
  3. Hi Michele,

    I'd love to post a pic of it...........still feeling my way around the forum, I don't know how to add a pic or my avatar, LOL!!!!
  4. Welcome to the forum...please do post pics exciting news :smile:
  5. Dawn, i know the pins you are talking about coz I saw them at SCP chanel yesterday, I think I saw butterfly and cat.....but I am not sure about other animals, it's possible though since it's from the same line.
  6. Hi hikarupanda,

    The SA at Chanel on 57th in NYC told me they only came in those 3 styles, but she didn't seem very confidant!!! If they make the Owl and Ladybug, I want them!!!!

    I am trying to attach my photo, but it won't work...sorry!!!!
  7. Ooh these pins sound much were they?
  8. Mine was $195 plus tax.
  9. Welcome LambLovesChanel~ i only saw the butterfly pin last time i was in Chanel, can't wait to see the butterfly pin u got!
  10. Ahh this line is really starting to grow on me...i am on the waitlist for the baby animal pochette flap...i just have to see if its material or leather...and if its too juvenile as a bag! The pins would be cute though!
  11. Blushingbaby,

    I saw a picture, and it looked like fabric to me, but it was very pretty!!!!
  12. to post a photo, click on 'post Reply' and then click on the paperclip icon to browse your PC for the photo.
  13. Thanks Swanky,

    I have been trying this all day long, and it keeps coming up as "invalid file". I did read in the newcomers section, the FAQ, and I followed the steps outlined there - to post a mentioned there that if a picture was too large, it would say it "exceeded the limit".

    I don't get the "exceeded the limit" statement, just that my file is invalid.

    I am able to post that same picture on other boards w/o a problem, so I don't understand what's going wrong here. In the meantime, I am investigating the problem and trying to figure it out.

  14. Hey Dawn, it's me Mon. Here's your pic:

  15. Dawn, the easiest way to do it is to copy and paste. The biggest problem with posting pics on the purse forum is the size. You might need to resize your pics.

    So here's what I do, I copy the URL from photobucket into the address line of an open window and the picture will appear. Then I right click "copy", I start a new thread here on tPF and in the box I right click "paste". :yes: