question about Azur ZCP


Jul 3, 2009
Went to Atlantic City LV to make my first new purchase (azur speedy 30!) and I was considering buying the matching ZCP, but when I was looking at it and inspecting it to see if it was worth it, I felt that the edges where the canvas ends didn't have much of the plastic sealant/coating on the outside and it was very rough. the piece didn't look finished, so i didn't get it. as always, the SA was so busy so I didn't want to make her take out another one for me to see if it was just this one that the edges were rough. There was sealant, but barely any.

Anyone know if the edges are supposed to be smooth with an ample amount of the sealant?


Dec 29, 2007
Where the Grass is Greener, USA
I just looked at mine and see what you are talking about. It looks like they used just one coat of the sealant and it should have been 2-3 coats. I also noticed that some areas are already peeling and I've only had this for a couple of years and used it no more than 10 times. This makes me mad. :tdown: