Question about Azur for women of a certain age...

  1. When the Azur first came out I was awe struck at the lovely combo of the light with the vachetta. My SA got me one of the first Saleya PM's when it arrived. (for reference I have the ebony Saleya PM and love it for casual wear).
    I have now had that bag in my closet for over 6 mos. (maybe 8 mos.) and everytime I think of using it I feel it is too young for me; also it almost reminds me of a small beach bag - and if I need a light colored bag I grab my epi ivory speedy or ivory passy pm. When I view the postings of members with the azur - they look great - but they are all younger women.
    I am 54 (but feel I look/act younger) but I just think this may be too young a look for me. My daughter will be 27 in a few days - back when I could have still returned the bag and asked her opinion she said no she thought it was beautiful and I should keep it -
    It has never been used. SHould I gift it to her? Do you feel that the azur is more for a woman in her 20's or 30's? Thank you for your help.
  2. I'm over 50 too and I like the classy unobstrusive bags for me personally. The Saleya Azur is a bag that I like very much and I think, you could wear it without to have one's doubs! I would'nt wear the Speedy Azur but the Saleya is really a bag for ladies over 50. Get it out of the closet!!:yes:
  3. I'm a just a few short years away from 50 and I would definitely carry that bag. I think it would also be a very smart bag on elderly women too. I can certainly picture my mother carrying that bag and she will be 85 in a few months. I don't think you should think twice about that bag being too young for you!
  4. The Saleya would suit older women just great. I think it's fun and very pretty, and being fun and pretty does not depend on age.
  5. It's a very classy bag and I would wear it. I have teenagers and I wear the azur speedy.
  6. I think this is one of those bags that a woman of any age can carry. I am over 40 and would definitely carry an Azur bag. (I am waiting for the Azur Berkeley). Take that bag out of the closet and feel good carrying it! It's a gorgeous bag!!
  7. I wouldn't think any bag in azur would be too young for you. Sometimes I feel bags from the mc lines are sort of young. I would use it if I were you!
  8. Thank you for your input ladies - no dissenters? - I won't feel hurt if someone feels I am past this style. I actually had it boxed and ready to give her.
  9. I say carry it and then if you still have second thoughts gift it to your daughter. Or you could let her borrow it just in case you change your mind later as we women usually have a tendency to do, lol.
  10. It's so timeless, definitely not only for the young! Yesterday I was at the Tysons Galleria and I seriously saw 5 women (over 40) carrying an Azur Speedy! It looked great. I think Multicolor looks younger than Azur (although I still think anyone can pull it off!). Azur just looks like spring/summer to me. So wear it!
  11. I think it would be great if you use it...I am coming up on my big 40 and I plan to use all my bags, even the azur and mc for a long, long time!
  12. You're not too old for azur!!!!!! My mom is 57 and loves it!!
  13. My daughter and I have matching Azur Saleyas! She's got the GM and I've got the MM.
  14. I feel every LV line should be used by all ages.
  15. I think you could rock that bag at any age.