Question about availability:

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  1. I am trying to hunt down a legacy striped muffler (just like the one that one of our lovely board members recently purchased). I noticed it is no longer on the web site. I would call the store, but I am waiting to see if I receive a 25% coupon. Do you think there is a chance that there are some available or if it is not listed on their website does that mean that they are sold out? TIA!
  2. If it is not on the website, it still may be in the stores. I would get it TODAY!
  3. yeah, i noticed a few things were taken down off the site (like the carryall).
    i'm sure it's still available.
  4. nope! it may be, good luck hunting. my store was suppose to have ONE for display and we didn't even get that.

    our systems allow us to check ahead of time if it's coming.

    so i checked, it said there were 31 total in JAX, inventory place.

    and i asked my manager, if i should order it first, or wait. he said wait, because it was in the book, no way with 200+ stores that have to have the same display wouldn't get it! and maybe one or two extra to sell.


    it NEVER CAME!!!! argh. i think we had one ONCE after that. and i wanted it too, but he wouldn't let me (well, not really, he'd prefer not) again because it was display, a customer eventually got it.

    so if you see one, pick it up ASAP if you love it.

    i totally forgot about it b/c my allotment for everything ran dry but now i have holiday so i'll check again when i work

    thanks for reminding me!