Question About Authentic Speedy 30

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  1. I am so confused with the stitching count on the top handle of LV Speedy. I just bought mine from the LV store here in HK and my speedy 30 in Damier Ebene has 6 stitches on the top handle but on most guides I have read it says Speedy will always have 5 even stitches on the top handle, is this really true for all Speedy? Should I be concerned about the authenticity of a bag I bought in an LV store?
  2. Okay just got the answer on the ebay guide.

    it said: all French Company pieces vary slightly... so if you are looking at a French Company Vintage Vuitton piece, it may differ a bit. For instance, the FC Speedy 30 does NOT always have 5 stitches across the top...

    Not sure if this is only for Vintage pieces but I do have the Speedy 30 made in France and it has 6 stitches.
  3. Oppsss... I am wrong again. I actually bought a speedy 35.
  4. this is my problem now....mine is a speedy 30 damier, 6 stiches.....bought the item online, reputable seller, but im really worried as i also read about this stiches pls
  5. if it's a damier ebene speedy then it does have 6 stitches
  6. Hello I have a speedy stitch question. I know the rule is five stitches across the top? but what about the other four sides? Should there be five also? What about six? Does the number of stitches change with the size of the speedy? Would the 35 have more stitches than a 25 or just larger size stitches?

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