Question about Audrey's speedy size?

  1. I just got a really cool catalog from elux, it's the icon catalog. It gives the history of all the ionic LV bags. I was reading about the speedy and it says a "new" size came out in 1960s for Audrey Hepburn (sp?). What size was this the 25 or the 30? Also the steamer bag came out in 1901 and looks very similar to a birkin. Anyone know which came first the birkin or the steamer?
  2. I guess they had different pattern back then it's 25, it seems bigger than 25 but too small for 30
    Audrey.jpg vuitton.jpg
  3. I believe it's 30..
  4. Yeah I think I remember it being a 30 also.
  5. Ita
  6. It is said the Birkin came first