Question about auction picture

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm considering bidding on a bag I've been looking for, and it generally looks good; there is one picture, though, that shows what could be either a scratch, an artifact of lighting, or a variation in the grain of the leather. The description does not mention a scratch.

    I emailed the seller to get clarification, and so far I haven't gotten a response. This auction is ending relatively soon, and so I'm wondering--if I bid and win, and it is a scratch (which if it is, it's long and relatively deep), can I file a SNAD and win (assuming the seller was unwilling to refund, of course)...or would I be out of luck because of the ambiguous picture?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. If the seller is not providing a clear picture of the area in question,what do you think
    she might be evading that by not responding to you??

    Isn't it easier just not to buy the bag if it does have a deeper scratch than you
    might be prepared to deal with then to file a SNAD??

    What are the seller's terms?? Does she accept returns?
  3. Thanks hotshot. The picture is clear, just ambiguous, if that makes sense. She has good feedback, but does not accept returns.

    Yes, of course it would be easier not to buy the bag--however, this is a bag in a relatively uncommon color, and one that I've had a hard time finding, so I'm somewhat reluctant to pass on it. And honestly, it could be that the seller has a legitimate reason for not being able to respond (I emailed yesterday afternoon). I'm not saying I'm overly trusting, but I am trying to be fair and not automatically assume there's something sketch going on.

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  4. Most sellers should respond in a reasonable amount of time especially
    if they have a very interested buyer as you sound to be.

    If you want the bag that much, its your call on taking a chance that
    it could just be a shadow or something else.

    Good luck
  5. Thanks again, hotshot...she literally just responded with an apology that she hadn't seen my message until now, and it's just the grain of the all is well!

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  6. It all looks good then for you... enjoy your bag
  7. Yes, it looks great, I am on cloud 9!! Thanks so much for your help!

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