Question about Artbags/Lovinmybags

  1. Sorry if this isn't in the right area, but my question is specific to Bbags.

    Can Artbags/Lovinmybags clean dirty handles on bbags? If so, what is the extent of the cleaning they can do?

    If anyone has any firsthand experience with this that would be great.

    I don't have a bag that I need cleaned, but am wondering about a bag that I might be interested in buying if the handles can be cleaned. Everything else on the bag is perfect.
  2. Oops! I meant this to go in the regular bbag thread. Could a mod please move it for me?
  3. My caramel city is coming back today. i will post photos as soon as I get it
  4. ooh I can't wait Z & J! Can I ask what the turnaround time is on fixing a bag and what you actually had done?
  5. About 3-4 weeks and I pretty much had a complete overhaul. My bag was GROSS. The corners were so dark (dirty) and although I cleaned them the damage was already done. The handles were also very dark and dirty and there were almost whitish patches on the bag as if the color in the leather was fading away. The bag is Amazing. The dirt is 99.9% gone, the handles are perfect and the corners and light spots on the leather are GONE! They really can do wonders.
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. WOW! That sounds fabulous!!:nuts:
    I can't wait to see pics! Those are very encouraging words!!
  7. Could someone post the web address of Lovinmybags??? I can't find where I filed it... ;)))
  8. Thank you so much trama turgo!!