Question about Aquatalias

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  1. #1 Dec 10, 2016
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016

    Aquatalia booties have been on my wish list for a while and i finally got a pair of booties. i got them in the taupe color but now debating exchanging them for a darker color..

    my questions are - are they really waterproof? and are they stain-proof as well?

    since they're supposed to be weatherproof, i wouldn't be too too careful with them but i don't want the suede to get dirty / show stains and look messy / or even start fading quickly? I'm planning on wearing these for a long time.

    should i play it safe and get a darker color?

  2. I bought a pair of taupe suede Aquatalia booties last fall and they've held up we'll. I do spray them occasionally with a stain repellent. The last time I treated them I did notice a small darkened spot on my right heel, from driving, but it's barely noticeable.
    They are comfy, beautiful & practical. I love mine!
  3. I have a pair of black suede booties and a tall leather pair. I have not pretreated either and they both have held up well over 3 years. They are very comfortable, durable and carefree shoes i.m.o. They are always my go to boots when i know I will be doing alot of walking for the day.
  4. I had a pair of suede Aquatalia boots & one pair of booties last year and they stood up spectacularly well to daily wear. I had to get rid of mine because I really did buy them both too big, but they do hold up better in icky weather than any other luxury brand
  5. I have many pairs and all look brand new. I also wear these when I have a lot of walking to do.
  6. I wore mine for a trip to London and it did get wet in the rain. so far it has held up pretty well and my feet never got wet. No signs of stain as well. Mine is black suede. HTH
  7. thanks everyone! I'm glad to hear that everyones boots are wearing well and they're comfortable!

    I'm still debating between the taupe and dark green color. i just think the dark green will wear better than the taupe (if they were to get a little something on them) but i think the taupe might go with everything.
  8. I've been looking for some boots that are tight around the ankle and comfortable. I bought a cheap pair last winter in blue faux suede and they do the job for looks but not for comfort. These Aquatalia Carie boots are the closest think I've found at a price I can accept. They have some others for higher prices but I don't want to spend $500.
    So good to see you all saying they're comfortable. Do they have any padding inside? I think I should go to Nordstrom and try some on.
    aquatalia carie.jpeg
  9. I have a different style, but they are pretty well padded and comfy for walking. Also I found my pair at Nordstrom Rack for half price.
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  10. What do you guys think about the comfort of Aquatalia boots? I'm very interested and it looks like they're doing their end of season sale on their website, but I've heard the different styles fit differently but haven't been able to get any definitive answers about that.
  11. I haven't worn them but a few people on this thread say they're comfortable. When I went to try to look at some at Nordstrom in December they said they were all sold out in July or something. So apparently they are very popular.