Question about anything Azur

  1. I love this pattern, it's gorgeous. I would like to get one in the summer time, but I'm worried about keeping it clean. I don't want to have to baby it (I'm already OCD about mono.. just imagine with a white bag). How is everyone who bought an azur bag dealing with it so far?
  2. I have the pochette and honestly, it's fine. It's along the same lines of the white MC bags and it pretty much takes care of itself. I've never had to clean any of my bags off and they stay pretty pristine. But if anything does happen to get on it, it would more than likely be able to be wiped off with a damp cloth.
  3. It's great! Can't really use my speedy that much yet, but it's not delicate Vernis, it's going to be a stunner in summer! I'd imagine it should be low maintains?
  4. ITA! No probs at all on Azur so far. But all our pieces are not that old either, but I don't predict any big issues. :yes:
  5. thanks guys! it sounds like I should invest in one. it's such a cute spring/summer bag. I'll have to add that to my wishlist later. :smile:
  6. I use my wallet everyday and I have no worries so far except for scratching up the hardware.
  7. I agree with the other ladies, it takes care of itself! :yes: I know it's a S/S bag but it was too cute I used it immediately!
  8. don't mind me for bringing it up since this is another question and not an answer...! :wlae:
    :idea:BUT i heard a problem with the white MCs have been colour transfer... especially with denim.... so maybe that might happen with the azur too...? :push:
  9. ^^ Pretty much if you put any white canvas beside wet ink or dark dyes, the colour will transfer.
  10. damier azur isn't like the white mc. the damier azur is like the regular monogram and damier material, whereas the white mc is actually a silk screen over the regular monogram canvas..which is why it picks up on other colors. the only thing you have to worry about the damier azur is the vachetta.
  11. no probs with my pochette!!!
  12. No problem with my speedy and pochette so far..
  13. No problems with my mini pochette and that item keeps going in/out of my larger bags.
  14. I've been using my speedy a lot and no problems so far. The handles are starting to darken though.