Question about animals (dogs) eating their mess.

  1. A friend of mine called me recently since we have this new puppy and wanted to know if our dog ate their poo. I told her that I had not seen any evidence of this but she said that her dog will do that? She wants advice on how to handle this. Anyone have any cause I am at a lost on this one. Thanks.
  2. It's quite often a sign that the dog isn't getting the right kind of nutrition through its diet, and a good tip is to try switching to a different brand of dog food :flowers:
  3. I think some breeds may be more prone to this than others. I never had a dog eat his own feces until I got my Australian Shepherd. It didn't matter what kind of food he was on, he would do it every chance he got. He would even be sneaky about it since he knew I didn't want him doing it. Nothing worse than "poop kisses". Fortunately, he did outgrow it, but it took a long time.

    His breeder calls such dogs "recyclers".
  4. How would you stop them from doing it?
  5. Yikes, lol! I'm sorry, I don't have any advice, but I didn't know dogs did this... do cats do it, too???
  6. We noticed my male pug eating poo once in awhile a few months ago. We started giving him supplements with his food since and he we haven’t noticed him eating anymore poo. The supplements we give our pugs are Missing Link and Solid Gold D-Zymes. They have worked wonders! Not only does Disco not eat poo, but one of my females Luna allergies completely cleared up. She used to have very bad allergies with itchy skin and her face wrinkles would swell up. We clean their wrinkles daily so we didn’t know why her face was swelling. After several costly vet visits and trying almost every brand of dog food out there, once we started giving her supplements her allergies went away. Their coats have also benefited from the supplements.
  7. There is a powder you can add to their food that makes their waste taste really bad. They sell it at most pet stores and I think the name is For-Bid. If your friend can't find it tell her to ask her vet about it. I know they vet has something like this too.
  8. Oooo I should try these. One of my pugs has skin probs, food types don't matter still has probs, tried 1/2 clariton a day per vet that seemed like it helped but not completely. I just noticed her starting at it again so maybe seasonal - it's very dry right now.
  9. My dog used to eat cat poo :yucky:
  10. My friend's dog used to do that. As Cindi mentioned, there is something you can put on your dog's food. It worked for my friend.
  11. Thanks everyone. I'll give her your suggestions.
  12. Yeah... that's the same thing my vet recommended and it worked immediately. My BullMastiff did it as a puppy. But if that doesn't work I have read that sometimes there is behavior issues causing it and some will eat it to try and hide it if they had an accident and know they are going to get into trouble:sad: sad huh. But I've also read that sometimes, and this is gross, but they don't chew up their food all the way or something and they can still smell the food in it therefore they eat it...
  13. You can also put pineapple chunks or juice in their does the same thing if you can get them to eat it.
  14. You should definitely give it a try. I heard about these supplements on a pug message board. I can't believe how much it helped out my pug. Before the supplements, her allergies were horrible. The poor girl was pretty much going on an antibiotic monthly. It would help clear things up but about a week after she took her last pill, her allergies would flare up again. It has been about 2 months now since putting her on those supplements and she hasn’t had a bad allergy episode since. She also used to get really big pimples, which the vet told us is just part of being a pug, even though my other two rarely get pimples. Since putting her on supplements her pimples have cleared up too. She is much happier and much more active.

  15. Mine does too, we hide the cat's box from her:lol: and when visiting friend's houses we tell them in advance to hide the little box. My baby is gross, not sure what cat poop has that dog poop doesn't have...?