Question about an older style bag?....need input!

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  1. Im considering purchasing a bag....the BLACK METALLIC REISSUE ACCORDIAN bag...ANyone have it and is it a good mommy bag??Its the one that is 3195.00
  2. Jill, you changed your username. At first glance I thought someone had the nerve to steal your avatar. Then I saw MOD under your name. :P

    Sorry, I'm no help with your question.
  3. ^LOL..yup..its the new me!!HEHE!
  4. ANYONE have it??LOL!
  5. I don't have it but I have seen it in the boutique. I initially thot the 2 big compartments was a good idea. But the base was extremely broad (almost 7-8 inches thick) and awkward when I tried it on and I also didn't like the fact that the chain are hanging on the leather sticking out like 2 ears!
  6. When it first came out..LOL..I called it the MICKEY MOUSE bag...cuz i felt like it had ears.But for some reason,I kinda like it now..hehe
    Maybe because im not in love with alot of the newer bags....hmmm
  7. I think Sjunky had this bag and liked it a lot...........maybe she can give more details.......
  8. Jill, I remember maxter was getting it when it first came out although I'm not sure if she kept it or not.
  9. i don't have it, but personally i love accordion in large size :smile:
    it's roomy and unique ^^
  10. I bought it to use as a mommy bag, but returned it after trying it out at home with all of my items. The two compartments made fitting items into it a challenge and made it really wide on the bottom once I had all of my items in the bag. I liked the idea of wearing it messenger style, but the wide bottom made it look awkward and feel heavy when worn this way even when just wearing it for a few minutes. I was also worried about the peeling of the metallic finish. Hope that helps :smile:

    My current mommy bag is my Caviar 31 hobo, which I love! The only downside is that it cannot be worn messenger style. I am now acquiring some WOCs to use when I absolutely need to be hands free.

  11. Hohoho, is this the one
    my very first Chanel 1 year ago:
    Chanel Accordian Reissue Flap
  12. Months later ..... I'm also thinking about getting this bag - (gently used).
    I like the size, but I don't have much experience with Chanel!
    Further input would be greatly appreciated - (it's a no return purchase).
  13. #13 Aug 10, 2010
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2010
    I really love this style! I originally had all three sizes. I returned the small black w/ghw...soooo CUTE and roomy for it's size...same size as m/l but sooo much more room and easy to get in and out of. I wish I kept it...but I could't return the xlarge so I had to return the small. :cry:

    So far I've only used the black medium (does not have ears). It's one of my favorites! It's a great bag and very very roomy. I like the med size better. I bought the xlarge in the bronze first (has ears) because I couldn't find the med in black. The xlarge is huge!

    As for a mommy bag...well, I'm not a mom but I think it might be hard to get in and out of the opening at the top because it closes when the chains are pulled...there is a magnetic closure...but can be annoying. The front flap is easy to get in and out of though. It is roomy enough to hold everything...but I'm wondering with the shoulder chains it can get pretty heavy? I bought my black accordian from NM and they might still have some floating around.
  14. Thanks snowjade!
    I'm not looking for a Mommy Bag - just love larger bags.
    I would be getting a great deal on it, BUT I also want to LOVE it, as my Chanel collection is very small (1)!
    I was wondering about the weight also, as I usually go for hand held bags.
  15. I DIDNT end up getting it,but I still LOVE that bag!