Question about an LV Wallet

  1. My bf has had this LV Mono Wallet for about 3 years and its starting to show some signs of wear. For a few days he has noticed this string and its coming off the wallet. Every time he pulls out a card from the right side it snags on that loop of string and essentially is making the problem worse. What should we do? I am not sure if this loop thing is normal wear and tear. I really need some help since I know NOTHING about LV (but I am slowly starting with an LV obsession).

    Here are the pictures:

    The wallet

    The string loop

    The string loop again

    The signs of wear
  2. Hmm... I suggest taking it by your nearest LV boutique to see what can be done. ;)
  3. ^:yes:....and the wallet seems very stuffed...
  4. he does stuff that sucker, im honestly surprised at how well its held up...its just proof at how awesome quality LV is
  5. That looks like a George Costanza wallet! Just kidding!!:smile: The wallet has actually held up very well for being 3 years old and used everyday.
  6. Wow, that wallet needs some spring cleaning. It must be difficult to sit on ... so I hear from guys.
  7. I think this is a sign... he wants you to get him a new wallet! :p
  8. Get him anew wallet!! I just got mine a Damier! It looks overstuffed too!
  9. i keep offering to get him a new one (Damier) but he just keeps saying "no...i like mine and only mine"
  10. he needs a bigger wallet. asap.
  11. I think it nrml wear and from it being sat on and maybe ovrstuffed.
  12. I also say it is time for a new present. Just buy it for him. He can always return it. I find that if I buy my hubby something as a present he will keep it even if we see it in a store and he says no he does not want it.
  13. Maybe you can call LV and see what they can do. But honestly, he can use a new one! lol! We already bought my dad his present for fathers day, and it's a taiga wallet.
  14. I have the same... but I only put 1 card in each slot...
  15. seems like he need a wallet that have more cc slots?